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Damn it Frei

So of course, on the heels of me saying pre-season predictions mean nothing, along comes ESPN's Terry Frei describing the Vancouver Canucks as the "best buy" of the upcoming season. This really isn't an endorsement of the Canucks going all the way. In fact, he modestly ranks their chances at 20-1, right in the middle of the pack, but he references the Luongo trade and their new defensive mindset - coupled with dropping some luggage named Bertuzzi and Crawford - as the reasons they could be the dark horse this year in the league.

With that on the table, it's all but official: Luongo will split his groin at a strip club, Naslund will crack his spine leaving his condo, Mitchell will up and retire suddenly, and Vancouver will end up in dead last (yet still somehow lose out on the #1 pick Anaheim or LA).

Thanks Terry!