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Although my learned partner prefers to post while influenced by the Captain's spiced goodness, I prefer to make my predictions with a pounding rum headache. "Hangovers create clear thinking"....I read that somewhere, probably on a bathroom floor.

1) The Ducks and Sharks will suffer because of Goalie woes. Kinda like edmonton last year.

2) The Wild will suprise many a team this year when they finally realize it's the new NHL.

3) The Canuck's new defensive style, combined with a the best goalie in hockey will be the only team in the west with a plus .500 road record.

4) Eric Lindros will play a whole season and will be the "sleeper" UFA signing of the year.

5) Gary Roberts will end up back in Toronto.....................retiring after training camp injury.

6) Flames will have a shabby season after exchanging tuffness(Simon) for the likes of Jeff Freisen.

7) None of the "big dollar" Defenseman signings will pay off.

8) Anson Carter plays in Europe after pricing himself out of the market.

9) Thornton trade pays off for the Bruins this year.

10) Marion Gaborik wins the scoring race.........or Kovalchuk.