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I'll try to keep you up to date on any movement today

*Pittsburgh F Ryan Malone was awarded a 2-year 2.75 million deal this afternoon. Malone has consistently had 43 and 44 point seasons in his first two years in the NHL*

*The Red Wings have signed UFA defenceman Danny Markov today. Markov is 30-years old. He had a plus 9 rating and 11 assists in 58 games last season. But Markov got lost in Nashville's depth chart, as the Preds have been deep on defence for the last few years. In Detroit, Markov will be a 2nd or 3rd line defenceman, and will fill in the gap on the Wing's D, especially if Jiri Fischer doesn't return soon. See more Markov stats here.

* The Senators have resigned F Chris Neil for a reported 3 years at $3.3 million, avoiding arbitration.

*Laracque says: "Know your role, and shut your damn mouth, jabroni!" to Nazarov, in a really roundabout sort of way. This is in regards to Nazarov's statement yesterday about NHL enforcers using steroids.*

**Jay Bouwmeester has been awarded a 2-year $4.35 million deal through arbitration. The Panthers have 48 hours to accept or decline. I think the obvious decision will be to sign him and keep him, don't you think?**