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*The Sharks have signed Mark Bell (acquired through trade) to a 3 - year deal.
*The Sharks have also sign D Christian Erhoff to a 2 - year deal.
*Predator's goalie Tomas Vokoun has been cleared to play this season. Vokoun missed the playoffs last season because of clotting in his blood. His situation has stabilized, and doctors have cleared him to play.

**UPDATE- The Oilers have signed winger Ales Hemsky to a 6 year contract today. Terms in dollars have not been revealed yet. Hemsky had a career year last season scoring 77 points in 81 games. A good move by the Oils, unless Hemsky has a wife in the U.S. somewhere who wants him to leave the team next year to be closer to her...sniff sniff...**

**The Islanders have decided to accept Mike York's arbitration awarding for 1-year $2.85 million. York will stay with New York.**

**Former NHLer Andrei Nazarov , pulling a Jose Canseco, has been quoted in a Russian newspaper saying that drug use runs rampant in the NHL , and that drug testing policies are inefficient. Anyone else wanna pool money for a plane ticket, fly to Russia, drag his ass out back and shoot him?**