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I'm not sure what blows my mind more, the Neil Smith
firing, or the hiring of GARTH SNOW as his replacement!
Apparently, the Isles management had been talking to
Snow about a possible GM position since last spring. They are saying that
Snow has a deep knowledge of the game. Oh.. He has
ZERO experience! It's starting to look like a gong show on
the Island. Oh wait, Yashin and Milbury are there, it already was a
gong show to begin with!

***Update: The Islanders Senior Advisor Pat Lafontaine (who
was hired at the same time as Neil Smith and coach Ted Nolan)
has resigned from his position this afternoon. What the hell happened
behind closed doors at Islanders Headquarters today? Maybe
Lafontaine was advising Milbury NOT to hire Snow as GM.
You know, in my opinion, this whole shitshow is tarnishing
the Islander's legacy, and it really is a shame. A shame spelled

The Hurricanes have traded Josef Vasicek to the Nashville
Predators for Scott Walker. This is diificult to say who
got the better deal. I think Vasicek looked good in the
playoffs, but Walker could be a better all-round player.