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*Black Hawks' F Kyle Calder was awarded a $2.95 million contract through arbitration today. The Hawks will likely accept it, and Calder will have a hell of a year playing with Havlat.

*The Red Wings avoided arbitration and signed former doghouse resident C Jason Williams to a 2-year contract. Williams was good enough to be a decent pool pick last season.

*The Lightning have signed D Corey Sarich to a 1-year 1.9 million contract. They will need all the help they can get on their somewhat depleted D unit.

*The Kings have signed F Mike Cammalleri to a 1-year contract. He led the Kings in goals last season, with 26, which doesn't say much for the King's offence, and says alot about the Crawford hiring!

*The Flames have added UFA D Brad Ference to their lineup. Ference was actually a 1st round pick by the Nuckleheads in 1997. Is this the brother of fellow Flame Andrew Ference? Both were born in Alberta. Are they drawing inspiration from the Niedermayer Weiners in Anaheim?

*ALL RIGHT! The Sabres will wear the old blue and gold jersey as the 3rd jersey! Love it!