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As I stood in line with my Trevor Linden Jersey I had just picked out to purchase, I overheard this guy asking to have his own name put on the back of his newly acquired sweater. I remember thinking to myself " what a putz, don't you have a favorite player on this team"??
With all the players changing teams or numbers (see Earl Sleeks Blog) these days because of the Cap rules, free agency and misc reasons (my wife doesn't like Edmonton) I'm now thinking this guy was smarter than the rest of the sheep making player favorite decisions that day. Think about it, as long as this guy is a Canuck fan, his jersey is still cool.
I think the "Yzerman days" are gone with the new NHL, making the perennial lifer jersey pick virtually impossible.
Until they attach players names and numbers with Velcro, my next jersey's gonna have my name on it. I'm just glad I don't have a silly last name like, Tornbaum or Kuntz.