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*TSN rumors the Ducks are looking to trade or dump Vishnevski.

*The Sabres have signed Tim Connolly to a multi-year deal. Terms not released.

*As Earl Sleek has pointed out, the Ducks have signed D Vitali Vishnevski to a 1-year $1.55 million deal. Gad the Duck's defence looks ...well...mighty!

*Sorry Hodge, Peter Schaeffer is NOT coming to Vancouver. It looks like Ottawa has signed him for 4-years at $8.4 million.

*The Panthers have signed D Mike Van Ryn to a 4-year deal today, avoiding arbitration. It seems that everything is going right for the Panthers this offseason.

*The Canucks have officially signed Exile D Yannick Tremblay to a 1-year $600,000 contract. DON'T break out the champagne!

*Chicago F Pavel Vorobiev has signed in Russia and will not play in the NHL this season.

*Sabres fans are in an uproar over a new jersey that could be implemented this season. Sportsnet reports that over 20,000 fans have signed an online petition in protest, forcing Sabres management to rethink this bone-headed idea. Personally, I love the current jerseys, so why f--k with a good thing?