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Individual Salary Restrictions

Performance bonuses can be earned by the following
players only:

- players on entry-level contracts
- veteran players (400 or more games) signing
one-year contracts. after returning from long-term
injuries (100 or more days on injured reserve in
their most recent year).
- players who sign a one-year contract
after the age of 35.

No player can earn more than 20 percent of
the team salary cap. In 2005-06, that means
a maximum individual salary of about $7.4-$7.8

Contracts can be bought out for two-thirds of
the remaining value for players over the age
of 26, and one-third of the remaining value
for players under 26. Players who are bought
out cannot return to the old team for at least
one year.

When a player aged 35 or older signs a multi-year
contract, his average salary is counted against
the team's salary cap during every year of the
contract, even if the player retires before the
contract is up.

The minimum player salary rises from to $450,000,
and will continue to rise until reaching $525,000
in 2011-12.The previous minimum salary was $180,000.