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Podcast: Demko arrives, Petey returns and motherfuckers act like they forgot about Jake.

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RECAP: NUCKS WIN GAME & PETE! Sting the Wings 3-2

Nucks Easy-Going Full 20 Minute Strategy Works Again

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GAME DAY: GAME THREAD & PREVIEW - GAME 50: Canucks vs Detroit

The Canucks residence in the final Wild Card slot lasted less than 24 hours, but the return of Elias Pettersson could help them get there.

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RECAP: NUCKS & DEMKO WIN! Edge Sabres 4-3

The Canucks Came To Play - By Getting Outplayed. Sneaky.

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Gamethread #49: Canucks vs Sabres

Canucks continue their homestand against the Sabres

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Thatcher Demko Christens Canucks Crease Right on Time

The progresssion of other NHL goalies shows that Demko is on the right path, now that he’s in hockey’s best league.

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The Latest

RECAP: NUCKS WIN (The Trade) Lose 3-2 in Shootist Session

The Battle of the Nearly There - Nearly Won

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Gamethread #48: Canucks vs Oilers

Canucks look to crush the Oilers hopes and dreams again.

Podcast: Win-Win or Lose-Lose for Edler

Shaping Up the Wild Card Playoff Race in the West

Seven teams are within five points of each other. How do the Vancouver Canucks line up to the competition?

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME 48: Canucks vs Edmonton

So fine, if the Canucks are truly ‘going for it’, they have to stop phoning it in, something they’ve done too many times this season.

RECAP: NUCKS WIN! Devastate Panthers 5-1 at Home.

Sending Messages Encoded in Fists of Staged Fighting

Gamethread #47: Canucks vs Florida

The return of our salary cap anchor!

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME 46: Canucks vs Florida

Pettersson is a no go as Roberto Luongo returns for the possibly the last time to Vancouver.

RECAP: Nucks Get a Point! Lose Game 4-3 to Yotes in OT

Close Game Was Closer Than It Appeared

Gamethread #46: Canucks vs Arizona

Canucks look to get back in to the win column.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME 46: Canucks vs Arizona

The Canucks have limped home, full of more questions than answers after a miserable road trip. Also, it’s Star Wars Night, I guess...?

Looking at the Alex Edler conundrum as a win-win situation

....and then we look at how the Canucks could botch the Edler scenario.

THE ROUNDUP- Jan 8/19: Just Who Are The Canucks, Anyway?

A slow month that allows their rivals to make up games in hand will pull the curtain back and reveal some truths...

Who was the Canucks most impressive prospect at the World Juniors?

While the marquee names performed well, the unheralded prospects stood out too.

Recap: Canucks refuse to score on their hosts.... lose 5-0.

Canucks play at 2/3rd’s speed in COTU due to gravity change.

Gamethread #45: Canucks vs Center of the Universe.

Canucks continue their roadtrip sans Petey.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME 45: Canucks @ Toronto

I mean, you can watch this I guess, but what’s the point?

5 thoughts: Stat edition

I made it up...but all the crazy ones do

THE ROUNDUP: Jan 4/19- Everything Sucks Edition

With the dawn comes clarity or whatever...

RECAP: Canucks Lose Pettersson. Also, Lose Game, Hope And Will To Live.

Shutout for the 3rd time in 6 games, but we’ve got far more serious issues to deal with here, people.

Gamethread #44: Canucks vs Montreal.

Quick turnaround game on this road trip.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME 44: Canucks @ Montreal

The Canucks look to win in back to back games for just the 2nd time this season as they visit Les Habitants de Montreal.

RECAP: NUCKS WIN! A Petey Hattey! Stop the Sens 4-3 in OT

A Certain Win Went Uncertain - Until Pete Made Certain

Gamethread #43: Canucks vs Senators

Canucks look to rebound against the worst team in the NHL.

Nilsson trade signals “Demko Time” in Vancouver

Nilsson finishes his career as a Canuck with 10 wins in 36 starts.

Canucks Trade Nilsson, Archibald to Ottawa for McKenna, Pyatt

Is it Thatcher Demko’s time? Anders Nilsson gets a fresh start as the Canucks make a game day deal with the Sens.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME 43: Canucks @ Ottawa

After a game in New Jersey that saw the Canucks get nowhere, they’re hoping they can get a Lyft in Ottawa. Get it? Hello...?

RECAP: NUCKS Win Nothing. Stoned by NJ 4-0

That’s why they call them mourning games.

2019 World Juniors Game Thread: Team Canada vs Russia

Two 3-0 teams battle for Group A supremacy and a (slightly) easier path to the finals.

Gamethread #42: Canucks vs Devils

Let the second half of the season begin!

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME 42: Canucks @ New Jersey

Daytime hockey as the Canucks roll into New Jersey to take on the Devils.

Lazy Sunday 5 thoughts

Midway through the season of change.


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