Canucks Playoffs 2013

Other NHL Superstars Failing In The 2013 Playoffs

I wrote an anger piece about the Sedin brothers not putting up points in these playoffs last week. Yes, it was justified. But they also had no support from the other lines..or..not enough support....

Heartbreak in the Bay: Canucks Swept in 1st Round

The Canucks erased multiple deficits, but couldn't close out as their season came to and end against the San Jose Sharks in the first round of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Canucks Brunch- Nowhere To Run

It's a horrible feeling as a sports fan, being in this situation. Part of you wants your team to emerge triumphant in spite of tremendous odds, while the other part just wants it over quick to put you out of your misery.

Sharks At Canucks Game 4 Preview: Madly In Anger

The optimistic and pessimistic view of Canucks fans in these dire times.

Your Call: Which Goalie Starts In Game 4?

It's the hot topic right now...second to Alain Vigneault's job being on the line. Schneider caved in the 3rd period and the team followed suit. Let me make something clear though: goaltending has...

Canucks Brunch- Deja Spew

While the effort was good enough to get into overtime Friday night, it was due more to the play of Kesler and Luongo than a team effort. If this Canucks team continues to give us the kind of vomit-inducing efforts we've seen all year, they're done.

Canucks At Sharks Preview: Come What May

The Canucks need goals scored and every dick not named Kesler is not getting the job done.

O Brothers Where Art Thou? (Rant Alert)

I am calling out the Sedins right now.

Canucks Drop Heartbreaker in Game 2 OT Loss

Ryan Kesler did everything he could to lift the Canucks over the Sharks in Game 2 on Friday night, but Raffi Torres scored the OT winner against his former team to give the Sharks a 2-0 series lead...

Playoff Brunch- Are You Ready?

It sucks to have to ask this, but then again this is the Vancouver Canucks we're talking about. All season long we've been 'treated' to efforts like we saw from them in Game 1 against San Jose, and if they don't change that, they're screwed, folks.


Sharks At Canucks Game 2 Preview: No Remorse

Gotta win this one, boys! The Sharks are deadly on home ice.

Luongo To Start Game 2; AV Shuffles The Deck

Nobody knows what is ailing Cory Schneider. I think it's fair to assume a groin problem because you know how goalies and groins go hand in hand. But let me tell you something, Roberto Luongo was...

Shark Bitten: Canucks Drop Game 1 to Sharks

Kevin Bieksa opened the scoring in the second period, but the Sharks answered back with three unanswered goals to take Game 1 by a final score of 3-1.

Sharks At Canucks Game 1 Preview: Seek And Destroy

This series is gonna be super tough. Not gonna lie.

Nucks Misconduct Canucks-Sharks Q & A

Sometimes opinions are like a**holes, but not when WE give our two cents!

5+ Questions With Battle Of California's Megalodon

Getting some perspective from a Sharks fan. A comedic Sharks fan at that!

Canucks vs. Sharks will begin Wednesday on TSN

In a surprise move that isn't all that surprising, the CBC picked up Leafs/Bruins and Senators/Canadiens, leaving Canucks/Sharks for TSN.

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