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Cabbie Presents: Canucks Street Hockey


Earlier this month, Kevin Bieksa, Ryan Kesler and Jason Garrison organized a spontaneous street hockey game under the Cambie Bridge in Vancouver. Thankfully, MAKAVELI has uploaded the Cabbie...

Take Your Fiddle And Shove It..: Canucks-Predators Preview


Sedins need to get going...and the Canucks need to get rolling

Who Should Light The Cauldron At Opening Night Of Olympic Games In Vancouver?


Fueled by a tongue-in cheek article by Steve Simmonds over rumors of Trevor Linden playing a big part in the torch-lighting ceremony in Vancouver, I offer my own opinion

The great Swedish tease


So what's up on the agenda for this week's Sundin-watch? Toronto appears to be moving on, Montreal sort of cares (but not really) and Sundin doesn't want to be Farve-like (which he can't be unless...

"Lazy and stupid" meets "we suck, we stink"


Lazy and stupid. Thems your Canucks. Tonight and tomorrow they meet "We suck...We stink." Talk about two teams that need a hug. More on that in a second. Let's go back to lazy and stupid. I was...

The bell tolls for you first rounders


The Vancouver Canucks made some cuts today and it would appear the opening night roster is set now (or are there more cuts coming?). At any rate, here's who you won't be rooting for come Friday...

Season Preview: Kick the Pig 2007-2008 Vancouver Canucks


Less then one week from the drop of the puck and we're all on pins and needles wondering, "Do the British give a shit?" OK, we know they won't. A cute effort though. Seriously. Back on this side...

Will the real Sabourin please stand up?


Dany to the Sabourin is manning the big hole tonight against the Ducks. So which Dany will we see tonight? Jekyll or Hyde? I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’ll pick off where...

Drunk Bloggin’ In Process


Pregame notes: I suddenly have a bad feeling about doing this. Which means it must be the best idea...ever. My face is still frozen anyway so I may as well drink, right? Besides, while the players...

You’re like bread on a windowsill. Mine, when I want ya.


Thanks to one of the more random holidays we get, I'm off snowboarding for the next few days. If I don't end up kissing a tree/rock/chair lift pole/skier/Sasquatch at 20 mph, I should be back in...

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