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Linden Thinks Canucks Will Get It Done On Sunday


Linden talks in detail about the Canucks' current misfortunes.

Tom Larscheid To Retire From Canucks Color Commentary


Tommy say it ain't so! It is a sad day for Canucks fans as the legend Larscheid is hanging up his headphones and "passing the baton" to Dave Tomlinson. The witty 70 year old has been a voice for the Canucks since 1977. Larscheid will provide one final performance on the Team 1040: The Canucks' season opener against the Kings on October 9th. Larsheid coined the phrase: "Bingo Bango Bongo! His name is Roberto Luongo!" and many others. He will be sorely missed.

Naslund Responds To Jersey Retirement Honor


Naslund talks about the honor, his times as a rookie, a Canuck, his departure and more


Mike Gillis On Team 1040: Tuesday, June 29

Gillis talks free agency, Ballard, Raymond and more

What Mike Gillis Said On Team 1040 Today


Canucks GM talks about Luongo, the Canucks and the Blackhawks

Mike Gillis Interview With Team 1040


Mike Gillis talks about Demitra, Kesler, Hodgson and the team's direction on the Team 1040 today

What The Niedermayer's Agent Told Team 1040


Rumors are now running rampant that one or both Niedermayer brothers could sign with the Canucks. Here's what their agent told the Team 1040 today.

Team 1040 hearing that both Scott and Rob Niedermayer want to play in Vancouver


They are calling it a "rumor that is growing legs." Both players are BC boys and are unrestricted free agents. They are also tying in that Scott wants to play in the Olympics in Vancouver. Take it with a grain of salt. The economics of this situation are complicated. The agent for the brothers will be on the Team 1040 at about 4:10 PST today.

Canucks-Blackhawks Game Preview: Updated until game time


Will the Canucks be able to solve their PK issues when Chicago comes to town?

Sundin's agent JP Barry to guest on Team 1040 today at 5:20 pm PST.


Thanks to all the cruel people at CDC for this story.I'll try to cover it on paper as much as possible and post it a bit later. Expect a bunch of half-assed answers from Barry, as Sundin has not...

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