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Naslund to play with Modo/Forsberg


Markus Naslund is returning to hockey to play with Peter Forsberg for Modo. Most interestingly, both of them are declining salaries and will play for free. Apparently the jump across the pond really is the sticking point. Pretty sure we could have found space for both of them, and even offered to pay them the NHL minimum. Edit: Naslund said today: "I will do anything to get in shape and hope I can add something on the ice, but as everybody understands it's not just to get on the ice and perform. I'm really looking forward to play with Modo again and the fact that Peter and I will do it together is of course something really special."

Naslund: Forsberg should play in Sweden


"There is definitely a chance that he might stay here and, in my opinion, it might be better for him," Naslund said in a phone interview on Friday. "He could play regularly — there are less games here and that would mean less wear and tear on him than in the NHL."

On This Day In Canucks History: November 3


November 3, 1991 - The Canucks honor Stan Smyl by sending his No. 12 jersey to the rafters.

On This Day In Canucks History: October 23


Mark Messier scores his 600th career goal against none other than Kirk McLean who was playing for Florida at the time.


Best Swedish Canuck ever?

I was looking at Naslund's numbers, since there has been some talk that his number should be retired.  Naslund was a Canuck's Captain for a few years, and a great trade for Stojanov, but I just...

Catching up with the WCE


It's been a whole three seasons since the west coast express was derailed and a whole eight weeks since it was scuttled, blow up, picked apart by ravens and sent to the far corners of the hockey...

Naslund never more ready to start a season / Bernier ready for impact


Markus Naslund was interviewed by HockeyExpressen.se recently after a quiet summer back home. He says he has a lot to prove after 2 sub-par seasons....blah blah.He employed a personal fitness...

Markus Naslund interview with Game On's John Giannone


Pretty self-explanatory and repeated reasons why he faltered the last couple of years in Vancouver, why he chose he Rangers, and what to expect from him this coming season.Hat tip to Paul Kukla for...

Markus Naslund talks about his Vancouver Past


From Mr. Gallagher at The Province. Naslund talked to Gallagher about his time as captain of the Canucks, the Bertuzzi incident and the Rangers. "Everyone coming to you after the game was part of...

One Ranger fan already getting a dose of Naslund reality


From the Rangers Review: Despite picking up the first goal for the Rangers, Markus Naslund has continued his hyper unselfish play to the detriment of the team. Look Markus, I get it, believe me, I...

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