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Quick vs. LaBarbera [UPDATE post-Thrashing]


[UPDATE: after last night's 7-0 fun fest, I thought I would revisit Q's numbers to see where he stands vis-a-vis LaBarbera. The post has been altered accordingly:] Halfway through Quick's next...

So This Is What The Basement Feels Like


Pre-game:I took in this game not up in the 300 section or on the radio, like usual, but in the 100 section. KQ and her family had an extra ticket on their hands and were extremely gracious in...

Q&A With Jason LaBarbera


I was at the Toyota Sports Center today for the Kings practice and I caught Kings' netminder Jason LaBarbera and he agreed to answer some questions.First, some thoughts on their practice:- Caught...

Year-In-Review – 3 – Jason LaBarbera


(Bernstein Associates/Getty Images) Good Ole Barbs I’m not sure how to really tackle the goalie situation because there are seven (7) to talk about. Perhaps I'll speak of them by tandem…or however...

Wow! That Kinda Sucked!


The Aves were in town and I honestly thought this was gonna be an easy win for the Kings. WOW, was I wrong. After 5 unanswered goals, the Kings lose 5-2. Let's take a little trip down memory lane,...

Kings 2, Ducks 3


I'm not going to begin this game re-cap with the rage I was feeling at the end of the game. Rather, I'll let the rage build up to the Kings loss tonight.Pre-game- I was skeptical with watching this...

Kings 2, Sharkies 1


So I turn the TV on to FSN for the start of the Kings game. What do I see instead but a WSU/WASH game in the last 5 minutes, which they've decided to show until the end since it's tied 35-35. What...

Another Lackluster Performance


Looking back on this game as a whole, I think the best part for me was the pregame interview with Cammy. When Patrick O'Neil asked him about the lines and what they might look like, he got a huge...

A Not So Surprising Trade


I had a feeling something was going to happen between Monday's game against Columbus and this Saturday's game against the Philadelphia Flyers. To say that I knew there was going to be a trade going...

Kiss Barbie Goodbye?


Labarbera's chances of staying with the Canucks are slim.

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