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The Cup is a Chance for Tello to Prove Himself


Cristian Tello is only 22 but he seems to have hit a developmental wall. He's experiencing arguably his worst season so far in the senior team. Even so, Liverpool are known to be interested in his...

How excited should fans be about Reid Boucher?


Reid Boucher is a Devils' prospect that fans have had their eye on for a while. With the recent departure of Ilya Kovalchuk, there is even more interest in what Boucher could possibly do for the...

4 Major Questions Regarding The Canucks' Offence


Welcome back, hockey fans! With the NHL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement finally all but finalized, preseason is reportedly starting this coming Sunday, January 13, and the regular season starting...

Analyzing "We Will Attack"

If the Revs were awarded a point for every time you've heard the Jay Heaps mantra, "We Will Attack" we'd be comfortably atop the East. But we're not; and the Revs standings-wise are in no better of...

Season Review: The Forwards


Ok, everyone, I know the season has been over for a good month, but as the market is neither here nor there right now (and not even officially open), we thought we would take a look back at the...

Finally, the Forwards

Alright. Here we are, at the end of our journey. This post tackles the forwards and our illustrious coach. In addition, I take a quick look at what I think our best and worst games were. I know it...

PotD: Our Starting Lineup


No, that doesn´t stand for Post of the Day. Roberto and I are too busy to write that much, occupying our time with booze, women, and the occasional game of calcio. (Although I hear Canada doesn´t...

Analyzing forward effectiveness


I thought people might be interested with an attack rating I've developed called SOAR. So far I've only done it for Serie A players but would be happy to extend it to EPL players if people are interested. Given that the Gunners have been linked with Mario Balotelli, I thought the group of you would be especially interested.

Year-In-Review – 14 – John Zeiler


The time has come to take a look at the forwards. Joy. The 07-08 season was filled with random line combinations and foul language escaping my lips, but there definitely were bright spots here and...

Year-In-Review – 15 – Brian Willsie


As we move along with the Reviews for the forwards, I'm not ignoring what has been going on for the past couple of days. I'm doing the exact opposite in fact; I can't stop thinking about what has...

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