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Dynamic duo: Read and Couturier


For all the criticism the Flyers take about contract decisions, remember this: Sean Couturier and Matt Read manhandled the Pittsburgh Penguins' best players twice in 24 hours. The duo is signed for the next two years at a combined salary-cap hit of $5.375 million.

CBC's Elliotte Friedman

Will Kimmo retire?


On the flight home from Sochi, the Hockey Night in Canada crew travelled with Team Finland. Kimmo Timonen was sitting not far from us. At one point, we asked if he would reconsider his decision to retire following this season because he's at such a high level. He laughed it off. Now comes word he's re-considering. Good. He can still play and he's a smart, smart quote.

CBC's Elliotte Friedman

Video Breakdown: Rick Nash is good at hockey


Rick Nash and the Rangers top line found a small hole in the Flyers defense, come see if you can find it

How do we fix the Rangers offense?

The Rangers offense is frustrating to say the least, so what can the team do about it?

Canucks At Flyers Preview: Dead Or Alive


Taking a look at the futility of the American-born stars on the Canucks roster and how it needs to change immediately.

Bryzgalov to join Tibetan Monastery


Looking to re-center himself and achieve enlightenment after a second trying season in the spotlight of Philadelphia, Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov has announced his intention to join a Tibetan...

Gay nights not just for major league teams


Last week I attended a preview of a local production of "Take Me Out," the story of a major league baseball player who suddenly comes out of the closet. This particular night also promoted local...

Philly gay nights with the 76ers and Flyers


Longtime friend of Outsports Larry Felzer (who organized our second Outsports convention back in 2004) has set up gay nights at the Philadelphia 76ers and Philadelphia flyers this month, continuing...

Some Philly tidbits


I'm pressed for time (headed to a softball tournament in Washington, DC this weekend) so here is a quick summary of some things I was planning to write about... Drought update: The Phillies' 3-2...

Watch party during Bolts/Flyers announced


As the Lightning square off with the Flyers in Philly, the organization back home is throwing a watch party event.

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