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Kevin Bieksa, Victor Oreskovich, Chris Tanev on TSN's Off The Record


The full segment can be seen here! (hat tip to Stevenux). Great segment from tonight about hits, headshots. Oh, and some goof named Mike Cammalleri was on the show too. Interesting seeing Oreskovich on there when he hasn't even re-signed with the team yet. There's more to that segment but is not available online yet. I will post it when (if) it is. Also, and a big stick tap to Wisp, Gillis and Gilman talk hangover, Hodgson, MacTavish and more on Team 1040 today.

Updates On Edler, Rome and Alberts


Iain MacIntyre from the Sun reports that Alex Edler is feeling optimistic about a return by early April before the playoffs. Of course, he needs to undergo surgery so that the extent of the damage to his back is revealed. That surgery is supposed to happen today. Meanwhile Aaron Rome (sprained knee) and Andrew Alberts (shoulder) traveled with the team to Dallas. There is a chance AA could play later this week.

Kesler/Canucks in SI


Ryan Kesler and the Canucks will be featured in this month's edition of Sports Illustrated, coming out Jan 31st. *Edit: The article can be found here.

Canucks Recall Chris Tanev


With Aaron Rome shelved for about a month, it's Tanev's turn to see the bright lights of the NHL. Given his 1 goal and 9 points in 39 AHL games this season it's fair to say that he will play bottom 6 minutes if he gets a shot with the Canucks. To get to know Tanev a little better I had asked Ron Goldberg from Rochester Institute Of Technology about the late-blooming d-man last June when the Canucks acquired him.

Ballard and Hamhuis Will Not Play Tuesday


Both defencemen have not had many injury issues over the past few years..until now. Keith Ballard is still feeling the effects from his concussion and is out indefinitely. Dan Hamhuis is not skating at all either as his foot still ails him. These 2 losses don't sting too much after watching the 6 D play against the Wild.

Canucks Fan Gets Tooth Tattooed


I see this and all I can wonder is ... why?

Getting To Know New Canuck Billy Sweatt


Great interview with Sweatt by Julie Robenhymer. Think he chose to sign in Vancouver because of his brother Lee? Well, not according to him.

Canucks May Trade 1st Round Pick


After acquiring Steve Bernier and Andrew Alberts the Canucks lost their 2nd and 3rd round picks in this year's draft. Gillis may remedy that.

Video: Canucks celebrate after win in Nashville, more


Check out this clip. -the jubilation from the players, especially SOB and Burrows after the game, plus the indifference on Wellwood's face. -AV talking about shuffling the lines to get the players into the game -Luongo talking about 2 goals in 2 games going off the knob of his stick

Cody Hodgson For Tomas Kaberle?


Ken Campbell writes a "what-if" rosterbation piece at the Hockey News about one of the rumors floating around. Don't judge him. We all do it once in a while. Question is, would you make this deal? My answer is no. Kaberle is up for a hefty raise this summer and we need those dollars for Kesler and Raymond. Plus I want to see Hodgson get his chance here.

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