Thursday's Numbers: 712 words on Kevin Bieksa

Kevin Bieksa, transgressions aside—being a guy who, along with Ryan Kesler, is "too dirty" one night and "not tough enough" the next night—is a fantastic hockey player and one of the...

Tuesday's Numbers: The ever-improving Mason Raymond

The answer to the question "Is Mason Raymond better this season than last season?" is absolutely a resounding yes. No matter what a stat-geek will tell you, about the direction of his shooting...

Thursday's Numbers: On what's really important about starting strong

You often hear announcers wax importance when they display each team's record when a team scores the first goal of the game.Indeed, there is only a single team this season that has a better record...

Tuesday's Numbers: Or, more than you ever wanted to read about the Columbus Blue Jackets

On November 12th, in advance of his team's game ahead of their meeting with the Columbus Blue Jackets, statistician Gabriel Desjardins declared that the then 2-11-1 squad was not, in fact, the...

Thursday's Number: 60, One Revisited

60 is the number for today. The appeal of linking to a Bob Dylan song was too great for me, hence the fancy title. The verse never recorded by Dylan (italicized under the video) is the only thing...

Tuesday's Numbers - PDO revisited

All through October I focused a lot of my noon numbers on the Vancouver Canucks' low PDO totals. The team was performing well but failing to produce—this is quite common for a team at the start...

Thursday's Number: 54.3 - Redux

There was movement in the Western Conference standings from December 1st last season to the final day. 14 teams were displaced, moving either up or down the table, with the exception of the E...

Canucks scoring chance count and analysis, Nov 29 vs. CBJ

Well, another sorta dominant performance from Cory Schneider Tuesday night, all things considered. He did make 14 saves off of 15 on-net scoring chances, but the overall discrepancy didn't really...

Tuesday's Number: Sedin goal totals

Hey, so if you haven't noticed, Henrik Sedin is leading the Vancouver Canucks in goals, and Daniel Sedin is leading the Vancouver Canucks in assists. Isn't that weird? All life as we know it has...

The Noon Number: 55

Sorry I didn't post a noon number Friday, and that is unfortunately a trend that will continue. I was named on Friday as one of four bloggers to replace the irreplaceable Kurtenblog so, the daily...

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