Canucks Stats Leaders Through 39 Games

Browsing through all the individual stat categories, seeing where Canucks team stats leaders rank with the rest of the NHL.

Bending But Not Breaking?!...

Canucks 'lose' a point to the Coyotes and win!

"Celebrate Good Times - C'mon....."

The Road Warriors -Canucks defeat the Toothless predators..

An early morning 'Wake-Up' call in the Big Apple!

The Canucks out-chance the Rangers but get beat by 'sniper' Chris Kreider?!

Can the Canucks - "Elevate" their Game?

Ugh! The Losing continues... - Enough already!


The Canucks ARE 'Shooting Blanks'. How does their current performance compare to past seasons?

Can You 'Feel The Pain'?

Canucks losing streak continues! Check out Behind the Numbers, to see exactly what the advanced stats reveal?!

Canucks score two goals and still lose 2-1.

Canucks win the advanced stats battle again - BUT lose the game - sort of?!

Canucks 'let' the officials decide the game

The Canucks lose again despite being the better team...

Canucks' Powerless Power Play: Does It Matter?

There is a glaring issue that has barely been remedied this season so far. The power play.


The Canucks fall down to Brown and the Kings

A game much closer than the score - check here to see why?!

Behind the Numbers: Canucks vs Sharks Game #18

Canucks successfully shut down the Sharks! - forcing them to flip and flop.

Shootouts are not 'real hockey'

Roberto Luongo outplays Mike Smith and gets the Canucks a point!

Canucks 'school' the Leafs

Canada's Best Hockey Team IS still on The Pacific Coast! - The Leafs are crushed...!

How Good are The Vancouver Canucks?!

Player Report Cards! -Your turn to grade the players and Time to cast Your Vote!

Behind The Numbers : Canucks vs. Wings

The Red Wings win the Advanced Stats battle - and the game!

Behind The Numbers - Canucks vs. Capitals

Canucks terrific trio - The "Ry and Ginger Line" take down the Caps.

Behind The Numbers - Canucks vs. Blues

Never leave the Keslord in front of your net. In overtime. You idiots.


Behind The Numbers - Canucks vs. Devils

Not sure who that redhead guy is over there, but thank God for Luongo.


Behind The Numbers - Canucks vs. Sabres

A look at the scoring chance summary, on-ice scoring chances, team scoring chances, neutral zone stats, & expected score from the Canucks' 3-0 victory last night.


Behind the Numbers - MTL vs VAN

Here are some more advanced stats from Saturday’s game: SCORING CHANCE SUMMARY


Behind The Numbers: Canucks vs. Sharks (Gm. #5)

Your #fancystats for the fifth game of the season - and ninth consecutive loss! - against the San Jose something or others.


The Meaning Of A Competitive Division

"The Northwest however, has deemed themselves as the most competitive" Wait, what?

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