Random fun

Are your drafting skills better than the scouts?


Everyone has an opinion when it comes to which prospect is going to turn out to be the best pick for our beloved Canucks. You build your draft board and time will tell if you are smarter than the...


Eulogy: The 2013-2014 Boston Bruins

With apologies to PuckDaddy, I've written a eulogy for the Boston Bruins. There go the 2013-2014 Boston Bruins, the best hockey team there ever was. In the tradition of Bruins teams since Bill...

NM Contest Winners / New Playoff Bracket Challenge


Before I post the winners of the 3 Nucks Misconduct competitions from this season, I just want to thank not only everyone who participated in those events, but also every member of the NM...


2013-14 Score-Predicting Wizards List

You wanna play this game? Check out our game previews on Canucks game days and enter your prediction for score, winning team, and game-winning goal scorer in the comments section. 1 point for...


2014 Heritage Classic: Canucks Alumni Roster Picks

With the Heritage Classic a little over a month away, its time to start speculating who would play in Canucks colours if there's an alumni game played the day before. After looking at some of the...

5 Questions With Matchsticks And Gasoline


M&G's Kevin Kraszkowski tells us 5 areas the Flames need to address in order for the team to be successful again

Nucks Misconduct Island Meet Up


I've threatened this for a long time now. You were warned. Now, it's gonna happen. Canucks prospect Hunter Shinkaruk and the Medicine Hat Tigers are coming to Victoria to take on the Royals Jan 21....

2013-14 Nucks Misconduct Fantasy Pool (UPDATED!)


Jump into the pool!

Will Tim Thomas Play In The West?


Tim Thomas wants to be a starting goalie in the NHL again. The Flames and Avalanche may be options.


Name! That! Canuck!

Got some great response to the nationalities polls, with some tight races (Nedved or Hlinka?), some not-so-tight races (Bure or... No, seriously, it's Bure) and surprises (Linden over Luongo? ...


International Canucks (Surprise!)

We're running out of nations to cover, but not from lack of trying! There are seven more countries represented in team history, which made it really difficult to get it down to three choices. ...


Who Is The Greatest Slovak Canuck Of All Time?

(Before any bombs get thrown this way, I just want to state that no, they are not. I know this. Heck, I'm wildly happy right now because the Significant Other just brought home a collection of...


Who Is The Best Finnish Canuck of All Time?

Finland has it all! (Okay, that's enough Python references, thank you very much. Any more would be silly.) So, what has Finland provided us besides mountains so lofty and tree tops so tall? As...


Who Is The Best American Canuck Of All Time?

Land of the Brave, Home of a Surprising Number of Canuck Players, past and present. Not many of them stuck around for long, and at least one current player springs automatically to mind, but...


International Canucks (We Had Russians!)

Who was the best Russian Canuck of all time? I think we know the answer.


International Canucks (Who Are We, Sweden?!)

At least partially. Certainly as far as Vancouver's scoring is concerned, any way. Now we all think this is going to be a tough choice for Canucks fans, but really most of us have decided long...


Who Is The Best All Time Canadian Canuck?

Right then. Looks like someone over at Yahoo Sports had the bright idea to talk nationalities on teams, and I've decided to steal it. Because dang it, it's a good idea and there's no way I have...

NM Contest: Guess Chris Tanev's Upcoming Contract


Guess Chris Tanev's new contract correctly and you will win prizes!

Create Your 2013-14 Cap-Compliant Canucks Team


It ain't gonna be easy!


Score-Predicting Wizards List: 2012-13 FINAL

Congrats to FormerHab and Nathaniel Perlow (who picked Marleau to score the winner in Game 4 to end up in a tie with FH.) Well played, both of you! You both win a dirty sock from me. My socks stink...


The Complete Rebuild Hypothesis

Let's pretend we are forced into a complete rebuild. What do you do?


Which Former Canuck Player Would You Want Back?

So today apparently is "trade for someone who used to play for you" day in the NHL. The LA Kings have trade Simon Gagne back to the Flyers in exchange for a draft pick. And shortly thereafter,...


Budweiser Red (Goal) Light Is Awesome

Budweiser sent me a free Goal Light (very quickly I might add) as long as I gave it a promotion on the site. So I said: What the heck? Really simple to set up. You need a wireless router, a smart...

NHL 2012-13 Season Predictions


Bah! Predicting NHL standings is about as accurate as forecasting weather. Opinions are like assholes...everybody has one. But who cares? Let's have some fun! Here are my predictions for the...


Western Conference Predictions

Since the NHL saw fit to kick off the season in California, likewise I'll start my season previews in the West. And, much like the NHL season, this time out it's a rushed amalgam of impressions,...


The 2013 Nucks Misconduct Yahoo Fantasy Pool

I have set up a Head To Head pool at Yahoo Fantasy Hockey. I am only going to set-up and be the commissioner of this one pool, and here is how it all shakes down: TYPE: Head-To-Head DRAFT DATE /...

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