Open Ice

Vancouver Canucks daily link dumps.

Canada/Finland and Canucks/Kings


A veritable plethora of hockey for you to enjoy today, as we start the morning off with the WJC Semifinal matchup between Canada and Finland, and end the night with the Canucks looking to get back...

Open Thread: Calm Before The Storm


I don't know if I can really get behind the Canucks/Sharks without Kyle Wellwood around. But I'll give it the ol' college try folks.

Friday Night Open Thread


The Canucks have the night off but that doesn't mean we're not keeping an eye on other games. 6 in total tonight, 5 of them with playoff implications in the Western Conference. I love the stretch...

Open Thread- Iginla Trade Alert!!!


Sure open threads are fun, but even better when they include the speculation of an NHL superstar getting dealt away. Jarome Iginla is a healthy scratch tonight against the Colorado Avalanche. And...


October 9 And Beyond Open Thread

I'm not sexist. No really I'm not. Just thought that was funny. Here's a new Open Thread for y'all to hang in, since the other one is full. Rock and roll! FUCK YOU, NHL!

Kings vs Coyotes Game 5 Open Thread


GAME TIME: 6:00 PST TV: CBC, NBCSN, RDS GAME PREVIEW: Obviously, the Kings have not lost 2 games in a row these playoffs. I expect a completely different effort / outcome from them in this...

Lazy Summer Weekend Open Thread


Clearly we're wandering around the desert in the hockey world right now.

A Little Bit of Recharging


If the first free weekend in ten weeks doesn't signal the season is truly over then go check in on the Bruins' Cup parade today which should confirm it.

Open Ice: The Morning After


Recapping last night's results, and moving on.

Friday Scoreboard Watching


Open thread for discussions of today's games.


Wednesday Scoreboard Watching


Open thread for discussing tonight's action. Tampa can destroy the Caps, while Flyers and Wings need to get back into their series.

Sunday Scoreboard Watching


Open thread for discussing today's games in the NHL playoffs.

Friday Scoreboard Watching


Open thread for watching other games from the 2nd round of the NHL playoffs.

Saturday Scoreboard Watchin'


Open thread for discussion on today's NHL playoff games. Also includes my footage from last night's ECHL sweep by the Victoria Salmon Kings of the Utah Grizzlies.

Sunday Scoreboard Watchin'


It's the final day of the regular season. Who does Vancouver get to play in the 1st round of the playoffs: LA, Dallas or Chicago?

Friday Scoreboard Watchin'


Open thread for watching the 10 games scheduled for the 3rd-last day of the NHL regular season.

Wednesday Scoreboard Watchin'


A few playoff races could end tonight, with teams poised to clinch playoff spots or get eliminated. What could possibly happen?

A Bit Of A Golf Clap


We know the regular season is the warm-up for the playoffs. At a team level, champions aren't made in the regular season so, as it stands, Vancouver hasn't won a damn thing yet. But that doesn't...

A Bit of Manitoba


Open thread for the Moose-Marlies game, links from around the NHL, and Ryan Kesler swearing on national television.

A Little Bit Of A Back Problem


So our #1 defenseman has to halt his tango lessons for the time being. Let's punch through those headlines and end up with why you should love Australians (especially if you're a Koala Bear).

September 11th Open Ice


Daily links that will interest Canucks fans.

September 10th Open Ice


Daily links that will interest Canucks fans. First day of training camp :) Hodgson will miss Prospects Tournament

September 9th Open Ice


Daily links that will interest Canucks fans.

September 8th Open Ice


Daily links that will interest hockey fans. Lots of Canucks stuff today.

September 7th Open Ice


Daily links that will interest hockey fans. Back-to-school edition.

Labour Day Open Ice


Daily links that will interest hockey fans. Labour Day edition.

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