Offseasons Suck

Your Top 5 Most Loved / Hated Players Of All Time


Mario tops my list. How about you?

Johnny Canuck as the new main logo?


I have strong feelings about this!


The Role Of Zack Kassian

Top line winger? Second liner? It's up for debate!

Canucks' 2014-15 Season: Cautiously Optimistic


There are far too many questions to be answered in order to project the Canucks' fate in 2014-15

Canucks Positivity: A Lot In The Mix Here


Fact is: there are always, and only, enough players to put out four lines. What you call them is not really important, how they get used is.


NHL Buyout Candidates

The Los Angeles Kings winning the Stanley Cup marked the unofficial date for the National Hockey League’s off-season to begin. The current CBA allows teams to use compliance buyouts on players in a...


Hunger Games: David Booth

In a blowout win against Nashville on March 15th, David Booth scored his only goal of the 2012-2013 season. Late in the game, after turning the puck over inside the Predator's half, Booth skipped...

The Canucks' Window Is Most-Likely Closed


There were a few times during this shortened season where I thought: "you know, this Canucks team is pretty damn good. I think we can make another run at Lord Stanley." But that faded down the...

What's Being Said About The CBA Negotiations


Sidney Crosby keeps on chirping (are you surprised?): "I don't think there's much negotiating going on. I think as far as the proposals are concerned it's just kind of at a standstill right ...

Sundin, Bure, Sakic and Oates Inducted Tonight


If you have TSN2 or NHLN-US, you can watch four solid additions into the Hockey Hall Of Fame tonight at 4:30 PM PST. The electrifying Pavel Bure is only the 5th Russian player to be inducted. Mats...


David Booth Continues To Anger The Locals


After posting images on Twitter of a successful bear hunt in May, David Booth is at it again.

New Canuck Jason Garrison Wants A New Nickname


Just a little something to occupy your mind before NHL hockey starts in about 13 months.

Dear Diary, July 30, 2012...


Dear Diary: Nothing is happening in Canuckland lately, or the NHL for that matter. I mean, the Summer Olympics are on and I do not care to even watch. TSN has not changed it's NHL front page for...

Dale Weise Avoids Having A Sad, Signs 1-Yr Deal


Most NHLer's who elect for arbitration tend to settle before their actual funday in Toronto arrives. Dale Weise is no different.

Mike Gillis Updates The World


Should Gillis have been more aggressive this summer or are you content with his conservative approach?

Spitballing The Back-up


Whoever backs up Schneider can't be some disinterested scrub who took the league minimum instead of googling studio apartments in St. Petersburg, but a guy who understands (and values) his role as...

Scoping Out Vancouver's Lines & Pairings


Hey Vancouver's first game of the 2012-13 season is less than three months away. Could these be the lines when the puck drops? (Probably not, but let's play pretend anyway.)

Where Are We Going?


Type the title into Google or Youtube and you will find everything from treatises on Israel and globalization to Marvin Gay and Kate + 8 . But Donald Byrd has it right in this super cool jazz...

Aaron Volpatti Is Not Only Alive But Has A New Deal


The fourth line salsa party has begun and it includes a name we haven't been able to share in a long time: Aaron Volpatti.

Cut-down Arbitration For Raymond


When we looked at Mason Raymond a few weeks ago we said we'd know the team's intentions by at least June 25, the last day to qualify RFAs. It turns out we didn't need to wait that long.

Why The Kings Are The Model Team


It's all about chemistry and desire at the right time of the year

Canucks Player Autopsy : Dale Weise


Who Is This Guy? Dale Weise, Weezy. Some of the folks on Twitter either love him or hate him, I am not sure right now. Position: on the 4th line. Shoots: Right, on the right side, usually. H...

Canucks Player Autopsy: Aaron "Freaking" Rome


Aaron Rome: The man. The Legend.

Name Your Priority


There are plenty of options for GM Mike Gillis to prioritize before walking into Pittsburgh on June 22.

Canucks Player Autopsy: Maxim Lapierre


Lapierre's stat line may look unimpressive: 9 goals, 10 assists, -3, and 130 PIM. But keep in mind that his 19 points actually represented the second best point total of Lapierre's career, behind a...

Canucks Player Autopsy: Mason Raymond


Who's this guy? Mason Raymond. Also know as MayRay and the most frequent answer to the question "Who just fell over for no reason?" Position: Left Wing Shoots: Left Height: 6'0'' Weight: 185 lbs...

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