Off Topic Open Threads

July OT Thread

Ok, it's summer, there is no hockey and we had a crappy season so I am making an OT thread :) I miss our awesome OT threads! We can keep this one until it gets too full :) We have some new...


Superbowl Weekend/Off-Topic Thread either. The first part of the title is easy enough...12TH MAN BABY! But either way I won't be mad...either the Hawks get their first, or Pey Pey gets his second. Should be a good game...

101st Grey Cup- Hamilton at Saskatchewan


It's the biggest day in Canadian Football, as the Hamilton Tiger Cats are in Regina to take on the hometown Saskatchewan Roughriders. It's gonna be cold. And it's gonna be awesome.

Open Thread: Life In A Northern Town


First off, the icebreaker question: What is the strangest thing (or strange things) you have seen or experienced in person? My wife got home from work about 15 minutes after I did tonight. I heard...

Open Thread: Name Your 3 Fave Alcoholic Drinks

485's a long weekend in BC and you're going to get drunk and stuff...

August 15 And Beyond Open Thread


How has your summer been? Seeing some orange and yellow leaves and getting that "oh shit" feeling yet? I'm not ready for summer to be over. We still have not gone on our yearly vacation, but plan...

Open Thread: 3 Things To Do Before You Croak


Time for a new open thread! The first ice-breaker that came to mind was a bucket list kind of thang. Name the 3 things you want to do before you become worm food, or head to purgatory, or whatever...

July 12 And Beyond Open Thread: How's Your Summer?


Personally, I have just been working and being a dad so far this summer. With a new child seat installed on the back of my bike I can take my oldest son for rides in the evenings. He loves it. I...

Blackhawks Win The Stanley Cup! Open Thread


It's over. Finally.

Stanley Cup Semi-Finals Open Thread


Who do YOU think will meet in the Stanley Cup Finals?


Weekend Open Thread: Met Any Celebrities?


We need a spot for off topic, or even random hockey banter. Saturday is a big day for hockey, as the Bruins and Red Wings (hells yes) try to finish off their foes. I hope the Sharks can push a Game...

Hockey / OT Open Thread: What Are You Watching?


Archer, Game Of Thrones, Hockey...

Saturday Night's Alright: Open Thread


The Capitals went up 2-0 on the Rangers today. The Leafs are hopefully going their series up with Boston in a few minutes. And there are 2 other games going on right now (Anaheim / Detroit and...


Open Thread for the Weekend

It has been a few weeks since we have had one of these and we have 2 whole days off between games. WTF is up with that? I am not sure what to put for this OT thread so how about a rousing game...


OT Thread: Top 3 Celebs You Would Like To Meet

The Canucks do not play again until Monday night, and only play 3 game over the next 7 days. So there's a lot of free time in between games. Figured I would post another OT thread. First of all, I...

Open Thread: Name Your Top 5 Fave Cartoons


OK, so my fave all-time cartoon growing up was obviously Transformers Generation 1. In those days we had a TV with 2 channels: CBC and BCTV. At 4:00 pm (I believe), Monday - Friday, one hour after...

Open Thread: What Music Are You Listening To?


It's been a while since I have posted an open thread at the top of the page, but with no hockey to talk about....**** it! I had a good day indoors with my son today. I plugged my laptop into our tv...

In Loving Memory Of My Father, Andy Zandberg


Very early yesterday morning I received a phone call from my little sis in Salmon Arm informing me that our dad had passed away. A sudden heart attack while he was taking a walk. I am still in the...

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