NHL Playoffs

On Advanced Stats and Short Series Variance

Why aren't possession numbers matching up with actual performance? Explaining the variance associated with a short series and why advanced stats still matter.

Top Lines Reverse Roles in Game Two Loss

Looking at Corsi/Fenwick, zone starts and match-ups from Game 1.

Spur of the Moment Open Thread

Because sometimes you need to be around familiar faces, right?

Canucks Lose Despite Strong Possession Numbers

Looking at zone starts and match-ups from Game 1.

Canucks vs. Sharks will begin Wednesday on TSN

In a surprise move that isn't all that surprising, the CBC picked up Leafs/Bruins and Senators/Canadiens, leaving Canucks/Sharks for TSN.

Hello, San Jose!

Finally, we have our answer. The San Jose Sharks lost to the Los Angeles Kings tonight and will face the Vancouver Canucks in round 1 of the 2013 NHL Playoffs. The last time the Canucks and Sharks...

Moving Forward...Which Team Are You Cheering For Now?

We will be serving up lots of different material over the next while, yes including a rosterbation thread. So now that our beloved Canucks have been eliminated....

Canuck Brunch- Fabulous Disaster

There's not much left to say really. Either way, it's going to something to watch.

Canuck Brunch- What Are You Fighting For?

The quest begins, and it's time to put away your tears and anguish. The Canucks and Kings clash in Game 1 tonight, and the Brunch unveils it's Playoff Battle Hymn from ZIMMERS HOLE! A new year, and new dragons to slay...

Reflecting on a Season of Ambivalence; or, Thank Goodness it’s Finally the Playoffs

Reflecting on a Regular Season of Ambivalence; or, Thank Goodness it’s Finally the Playoffs


Sterling Archer Reviews The LA Kings

Let's examine the Los Angeles ranks to better understand what lies ahead. To assist us in scouting the enemy it's only natural we employ the help of of the world's great super agent, Duchess (a.k.a. Sterling Malory Archer).

Make A Friend, Split a Tab, Get Married and Make Babies. Who Knows What The NM Fan Map Can Do?

As we do every year as a public service to you sexy readers, we'll dust off the old fan map just in case you aren't privileged enough to live in the lower mainland and instead need to track down fellow fans in whatever nook and cranny of the world you lay your head down in at night.

2012 NHL Playoffs: Canucks vs Kings 1st Round Schedule

NHL releases the 1st round schedule for the Canucks-Kings playoff matchup.

Vancouver's First Round Opponent: Who DON'T You Want To See?

No one wants a piece of St. Louis nor the loser of Detroit/Chicago/Nashville slap fight so the team from the clown horn division - the one where Luongo is the goalie and the leading scorer is counting purple elephants - is the preferred opponent.

Vancouver's First Round Opponent Is...?

By my fake wrist watch the playoffs are a little less than a month away, so let's ignore the slow Bataan Death March of another off day and wildly speculate as to our future.

Stanley Cup Drive Goal Chart - The Finals

Vancouver's goal highlight reel from the final round? Torres, Burrows and, well, just watch those two over and over again.

Stanley Cup Drive Goal Chart - Round Three

Vancouver took a step back from their strong play in front of Luongo during the second round, but their defensive mistakes could be ignored in what was their best offensive round of the playoffs.

A Collection Of The Canucks' Game-Winning Goals From The 2011 Playoffs

The best way to mourn a death is to remember the good times..

Does My Ass Look Big In This NHL Team?

Henry Rollins used to say "Does my ass look big in this state of the union address?" when he'd discuss his cringing embarrassment whenever President Bush would speak publicly. This morning I kept returning to a similar phrase: "Does my ass look big in this NHL team?"

Fin Out: Vancouver Loses Game Seven

Most of this core is locked up and we have some kids chomping at the bit. The future is bright, they can rise from the ashes. But for now it feels hollow and it'll be a long road to redemption...

On the eve of Game 7, a painful anniversary

On the eve of Game 7, a painful anniversary

On the ground in Vancouver: Days 4 & 5

On the ground in Vancouver - Images and video from the Game 5 street celebrations

On the ground in Vancouver: Days 2 & 3

On the ground in Vancouver: Days 2 & 3

Smithers To Show Canucks-Bruins Game 4 On The Big Screen

Smithers, home of Dan Hamhuis, is getting more festive by the moment

Aaron Rome Suspended Four Games For The Horton Hit

The NHL has suspended Aaron Rome four games for his hit last night on Nathan Horton, thereby assuring the depth defenseman is done for the season. Earlier today it was announced that Horton, who has been released from the hospital, is also out for the series.

The Stanley Cup Finals - Behind The Scenes

A look at some of the behind the scenes action at the Stanley Cup Finals from a fan's perspective. Join us as we take you inside the Canucks' quest for the Cup.

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