NHL Awards Winners Predicted By The PHBA


Crosby is awesome. But was he the MVP?

The Price Fans Pay To Watch Live Games


A look at the average price of admission for every team in the NHL and how the Canucks' sellout streak may be in jeopardy.

Strombo New Face Of HNIC, GM Meeting Update + More


You knew personnel changes were going to happen when Rogers acquired Canadian broadcasting rights. Today those changes were revealed. Starting next season, when Hockey Night In Canada comes on the...

Canucks Breakfast


After 3 days off that seemed more like an eternity, the Canucks are back at it tonight against the Oilers. I want to believe they're not looking ahead to tomorrow night's game against the Bruins...

Canucks Breakfast- Not Lack-ing


Alright, now we're back in familiar territory: A goalie controversy. Eddie Lack did last night what Roberto Luongo couldn't the night before by hanging on for a shutout. Should Lack be the sta......

Morning Buzz: All right. Here goes nothing.


It's that one time of year we can feign absolute optimism for the long grueling road ahead. Let's dive in!

#FreeYost: Is Sens Owner Melnyk Behind Hacking?


Did Sens owner Eugene Melnyk send Ukranian hackers after blogger Travis Yost after a series of investigative posts into Melnyk's money dealings? It's certainly starting to look that way...

Morning Buzz: Idiots! And More Idiots!


Here is what's happening around the NHL lately.

The NHL's New Realignment Plan


The NHL has a proposed a new realignment plan for the 2013-14 season that looks pretty sweet. They are working with the NHLPA on a proposal that would see two conferences, each having two...

CBA News, SI "Gaffes", Chara Bangs Satan and More


"The players view has always been that we ought to keep negotiating until we find a way to get an agreement," the NHLPA's executive director Donald Fehr said today before the meeting. "You sort...


NHL Cancels All Games Through November 30


The NHLPA had until yesterday to come to terms with the NHL's latest offer of a 50-50 revenue split and save the 82 game season. The union provided a 3 part counter proposal last week in response...

Morning Buzz: Fake season starts tonight!


Boys, girls, children and super-intelligent hockey loving apes! The Canucks (fake) season starts tonight! That's the good news. The bad news is that Canucks fans mobbed a girl via social media last...

Locked Out Players Bumping In Europe: Fair?


We talk about how the NHL lockout affects local staff for teams, but what about the players that get bumped in Europe?

Coaching Changes and New Contracts - NHL Links


Catching up on NHL news. New coaches for Capitals and Wolves, division rivals re-signing players, and more.

Draft Day Drama - NHL Links


The morning of draft day already has some drama. Keep up to date with the big stories here.

Who Wants Timbits? - Quick NHL Links


Quick news updates from around the NHL. Harding, Selanne, Helm, Jagr and more.

Morning Buzz: Mini-sticks and sick dangles; recapping All-Star Weekend


That's a wrap on All-Star Weekend, a healthy mix of awkward, entertaining, embarrassing and hilarious, with some memorable moments sprinkled here and there. Mostly, it felt like a victory lap for...

Morning Buzz: Canucks All-Stars happy together; talkin' trade targets; Andy McDonald on Ovechkin


The speculation is over, and the Sedins and Edler will play on the same team for the ASG, along with fellow countrymen Daniel Alfredsson, Henrik Lundqvist and Erik Karlsson. Hank had a great quip...

Morning Buzz: Canucks ride the Lightning, plus the mystery of the drunken All-Star goalie


It wasn't a Picasso, it wasn't even your 4-year-old niece's pre-school drawing, but the Canucks managed to get it done. You really get the sense this team is running on fumes right now. They need...

Afternoon Caffeine Jolt


Lots of league-wide news. Coach firing, punishment decisions, movements and more.

Morning Buzz: Canucks share the shutout love, NHL sees chiropractor


[Mgmt note: Everyone put down the donuts and Irish coffee real quick and give a round of applause for Jordan Clarke, our new morning links author and a debonair gentleman to boot.] Well, this is...

A Bit Of: Needing A New Contributor, Planking, Ovechkin and More


Ovechkin talks Boudreau, Bure to IIHF Hall Of Fame, Paulina Gretzky and more

And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Now with more coaches fired)


Hockey news, Canuck news, and we talk about Sidney Crosby's secret to success. Hint: It involves Unicorns. Also, I lied, we don't talk about that at all.

And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Now with less peppermint)


Canucks news and notes from around the NHL! Bored? Hate your job? Come on in and conveniently ignore all of that!

And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Now with more CROSBY CROSBY CROSBY)


NHL news and notes! We mention Sidney Crosby! That means you HAVE to read it! Legally. No seriously. Get in here.

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