Incessant Bitching

The Late-Night Canucks Ramblings Of Zanstorm


Are goons like Sestito even necessary anymore? Nope. Not the way the current NHL is headed.

Blow The Team Up? Got News For You...


What can we expect after the Olympic Break?

Gauging Canucks Fans' Optimism / Pessimism


Where are the Canucks headed this season? Doom? Gloom? Glory?

This Canucks Team Just Isn't Good Enough


The Canucks lack finish, pure and simple.

I Went To A Fight And A Hockey Game Broke Out


Goons are good...if they can actually do more than fight. The OHL takes new steps to eliminate the staged fights in hockey.

The Noon Numbers - 4, 5, 16, 41


4, 5, 16, 41. This is where the collective heads on TSN got together and ranked the four obvious Vancouver Canucks among their Top 50 players. Daniel, and Henrik Sedin, respectively with top 10...

Is Manny Malhotra's Play Meeting Your Expectations?


Manny Malhotra is excelling defensively but struggling offensively in Vancouver.

Pick Your Vancouver Canucks Enforcer (If Any)


Alex Bolduc and Guillaume Desbiens are long shots to make the squad which leaves Rick Rypien, Darcy Hordichuk and Tanner Glass as the most logical fourth line enforcers. But who's the best option?

Lukowich To Join Canucks Monday


Where does Brad Lukowich's future lie with the Canucks?

Festivus For The Rest Of Us


I've abused this Seinfeld plot at least once a season for the past four years because sadly, once every season Vancouver looks so adrift and uninterested in playing up to the level of the best...


Canucks Stats That Make Me Want To Jump In Front Of A Bus


Canucks stats that make you want to drink hydrochloric acid.

When Are We Gonna Score?


The loss of Daniel Sedin stings now doesn't it? Thinking Pavol Demitra would be a big help right now (god forbid)?

Happy Holiday: We're The Worst Fans In The NHL


Before you jump headlong into your Thanksgiving weekend, let's talk about the recent Spike TV blog that says not only are the Canucks one of the top ten teams (#5 in fact) with the most annoying...

Leafs Fined For Sedin Comments


The National Hockey League has delivered its findings regarding the reported tampering allegations between the Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs' organizations.

Wellwood's Battle


Is Kyle Wellwood going to get crushed in next week's arbitration hearing with Mike Gillis? Some food for thought (c'mon it's Wellwood, food jokes are a must)

As The Tree Said To The Lumberjack, I'm Stumped


After yesterday's signings, are the Canucks positioning themselves for a trade?

Let's Go Kosuke Fukudome, Let's Go (clap clap)


The Canucks at a Cubs game. What's not to like?

You Decide: Does Luongo Stay Or Go?


Should Roberto Luongo stay or go as goalie and captain of the Vancouver Canucks?

Is Vigneault Still Hanging By A Thread?


While I hope everyone didn't hurt themselves getting back on the Canucks bandwagon after the past two games, I have to bring it up again: Vigneault is still hanging by a thread.

Mats Mats Mats...


I'm sorry, I just can't resist the urge to yank a line from Cam Cole this morning: ...he floated like a U-boat and stung like a hangnail... That accurately describes Mats Sundin, the $7 million...

Slip Sliding Back Into Mediocrity


4:09 ET PM Update: The Schneids is on his way back to Manitoba. He played great on some nights, average on others. But the team in front of Schneider wasn't that great on some nights either. He's...

Mats Sundin Needs To Go Away


Welcome from underneath your rock; allow me to bring you up to speed on the latest Mats friggin Sundin news: no decision yet but he's whittled it down from 30 to 10 to five to, apparently, two...

I miss the finish


Against the Wings on Thursday, Vancouver played a decent enough game but, if you followed along in the liveblog (as I know you most certainly did) you saw they stopped playing for the first few...

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