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Open Thread: Kings-Hawks / 2006 Canucks


Game Time: 5:00 PST TV: CBC Is it going to be the Patrick Kane show again? He has 2 goals and 5 assists in the last 2 games. He seems to come alive late in series'. Am I rooting for one team over...


Sacré Bleu, C'est Les Habs!!

Canucks host the Canadiens, and Missy needs to practice her French. Les Canucks accueillent les Canadiens, et Missy faut pratiquer le français.

NHL Playoffs Open Thread: Fave Team Left Over?


May as well open up a thread for the beginning of Round 2. So, are you following or rooting for any of the remaining teams? It's hard to, isn't it? With the Leafs out I find it hard to really get...


Playoffs Open Thread

Well, the Canucks may be out of it again, but there is still playoff hockey going on :) Some people don't blog jump like I do, so I figured we could maybe use an Open Thread to follow the other...


Game On: Fine Then, Let's Get This Over With

As far as classics between these two clubs, suffice it to say this one probably isn't going to rank high when all is said and done. 2 teams with little to play for and not wanting injuries before...

Canucks @ Flames Game Thread: Suck It!


Game Time: 5:00 TV: Sportsnet Pacific Rival Blog: Matchsticks And Gasoline Q: What do the Calgary Flames and the Titanic have in common? A: They both look good until they hit the ice! Q:...


Game On: Home Sweet Home

CBC, 7:00 pm PST Rival Territory: Matchsticks and Gasoline Two games, two wins. That was a successful little road trip, wasn't it? After stumbling out of the gates, the Canucks are currently on a...


Game On: Duck Hunting Season!!

Canucks open the season at home against the Ducks.

Open Thread: Dec. 26/12: WJHC


Editor note: This post was created by Nathaniel Perlow, a super member of Nucks Misconduct. Hockey is back! But it's not the NHL... it's the World Junior Hockey Championships! They are being...

Kings vs Devils Game 4 Open Thread


Is it possible to curse a team by showing a picture of Dan Cloutier? Let's find out!


2012 Cup Finals - Game 1 Open Thread


At long last this season's ending is in sight with a brand new Cup champion that needs to be crowned.

Devils vs Rangers Game 2 Open Thread


GAME TIME: 5:00 PST TV: CBC, RDS GAME PREVIEW: Rangers' game plan: To put us and the Devils to sleep and win. Devils' game plan: To put the Rangers to sleep and win. This series sucks so...

Kings vs Coyotes Game 2 Open Thread


TIME: 6:00 PM PST TV: TSN, RDS, NBCSN GAME PREVIEW: NHL.COM The Kings kicked the crap out of the Dogs in Game 1: 4-2 in the scoreboard and 48-27 on the shot clock. It was impressive to watch. Hell,...

Devils vs Rangers, Game 1 Open Thread


Get ready to see and hear a lot about the totally kickass 1994 semi-finals matchup between these 2 teams where this happened in Game 7: Is that an awesome call or what? Will it be a...

Kings - Coyotes Game 1 Open Thread


Are you still watching? Bring on the most unlikely Western Conference Quarterfinal that I have seen in a long time. Should be a great series. I am picking the Kings in 5, and I am pulling for them...

2012 Playoffs Open Thread- Thursday May 3

If you're still watching hockey, come on by and join in our cynical little Open Thread. I'm pretty sure there's gonna be cake and pie...

Devils At Flyers Game 2 Open Thread (Flyers Lead Series 1-0)


When? NOW TV: NBCSN, CBC Game Preview: Quickly: The Devils are without Ilya Kovalchuk (back) and the Flyers are without Andrej Meszaros (back). How much more magic does Danny Briere have?...

Predators At Coyotes Round 2 Game 1 Open Thread

GAME TIME: Friday, 6:00 PST TV: TSN RIVAL BLOGS: On The Forecheck (Preds) vs Five For Howling (Dogs) A tight-checking, low-scoring series is expected. Pekka Rinne vs Mike Smith goaltending duel....

Canucks vs Kings Game 5: 3rd Period Gamethread


3rd period thread.

Canucks vs Kings Game 5: 2nd Period Gamethread


Gamethread for 2nd period of Game 5 between the Canucks and Kings.


Canucks vs Kings Game 5: 1st Period Gamethread

Gamethread for game 5 of Canucks-Kings.

Canucks @ Kings Game 4: 3rd Period Thread


3rd period thread for Game 4 between the Canucks and Kings.

Canucks @ Kings Game 4: 2nd Period Thread


2nd period thread for Game 4 of Canucks vs Kings.


Canucks @ Kings Game 4: 1st Period Thread

Game 4, Canucks vs Kings. Win or golf, it's your choice.

Canucks @ Kings Game 3: 3rd Period Thread


3rd period thread for Canucks vs Kings Game 3.

Canucks @ Kings Game 3: 2nd Period Thread


2nd period thread for Game 3 between the Canucks and Kings.

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