Canucks Game Preview

Game 49: Oilers At Canucks Preview: Break It Down!


If there was ever a chance for the Canucks to pound on somebody it would be now. If there was ever a time for the ice-cold Sedins to snap out of their funk it would be now.

Game 48: Sharks At Canucks Preview: Hate Everything About You


For the 3rd time in a row...a Pacific Division team waltzes into Roger's Arena to face our head-scratching Canucks.

Game 47: Kings At Canucks Preview: Locusts Fly, Signaling Doom


So...cue another Pacific Division team that enters The Rog as an improving team. The Kings have a 3-1-3 record since they humiliated us on December 31.

Game 46: Ducks At Canucks Preview: I Drag You Down I Use You Up


Anaheim is 4-0-1 in their last 5 games and are not to be taken lightly.

Game 45: Canucks At Blues Preview: The Lumberjack


The Canucks are going to have to assemble a much more consistent effort than what they have been doing on this trip or it looks like they get beaten like the Bruins on a Saturday matinee.

Game 44: Canucks At Lightning Preview: Lightning Crashes


This SHOULD BE a shutting down of Tampa's Big 3 in Lecavalier, St. Louis and Stamkos and then a solid win using a solid effort. One thing though: the Bolts are 11-5-0 at home this season.

Game 43: Canucks At Panthers Game Preview: It's A Beautiful Life


Now a matchup against a team that the Canucks rarely play against and really have no emotional ties to, except for the former Canucks that play there and Panthers that play for Van.

Game 42: Canucks At Bruins Preview: Fatality, Reality, Await The Final Call


I am feeling old school about tomorrow's game. I want to watch a war.

Game 41: Wild At Canucks Preview: Can't Be Too Careful With Your Company


The Wild will be motivated make no mistake. And they will be getting some help up front as Devin Setoguchi and Casey Wellman are ready to return to the line up.

Game 40: Sharks At Canucks: Throes Of Rejection


The Sharks have not played a hockey game since December 28, the night they lost 3-2 in deja-vu overtime to the Vancouver Canucks.

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