Canucks Game Preview

Game 69: Canadiens At Canucks Preview: Don't Look Into My Eyes. You're Gonna Die.


Well finally the Canucks are playing a team that is not fighting for a playoff spot. Even worse: they are playing against the last place team in the Eastern Conference.

Game 68: Jets At Canucks Preview: Just One Fix


At some point the Sedins and Kesler are going to get rolling. At some point, in relation to that, the power play is going to click again.

Game 67: Stars At Canucks Preview: It Will All Be Worth It In The End


The Canucks have beaten the Stars 5 straight times at the Rog.

Game 66: Sabres At Canucks Preview: I Remember You


This is an important game for both sides and Buffalo, a team I always have liked, is in the way of Vancouver securing first spot in the NHL.

Game 65: Blues At Canucks Preview: Fear....In My Subconscious


Maybe the Canucks come alive upon returning home. If they don't, they are going to get spanked by the Blues, pure and simple.

Game 64: Canucks At Coyotes Preview: When Your Day Is Through, And So Is Your Temper


So this can go bad. The Canucks can be held off the scoresheet and the wails and finger pointing will commence immediately. But really, this team has not put out a full 60 minute all that often and...

Game 63: Canucks At Stars Preview: I Get Stoned In The Mornin' I Get Drunk In The Afternoon


You know how this game is going to go: It's going to be a rough and tough one.

Game 62: Canucks At Devils Preview: And Now The Daunting Devils


So after disposing of the Wings in a hard-fought game the Canucks jump on a plane and fly to New Jersey somewhere close to midnight eastern time I am sure only to play a red-hot Devils team hours...

Game 61: Canucks At Red Wings Preview: The Streak Ends Here


If all four of the Canucks' lines can pour it on, Detroit's streak should come to an end

Game 60: Canucks At Predators Preview: Well I Stomp And Chomp All Competition


CANUCKS PREDATORS AT Time Tues. 5:00 PM PST TV Sportsnet Pac. Season Series 2-1 Canucks Last Meeting 4-3 Canucks Feb.07/12 The Enemy On The Forecheck Scoring...

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