Canucks Brunch

Canucks Brunch- Wait For It...


The Canucks are getting healthy and have added that centerman they've been looking for. Could we finally see the team playing up to their potential? It's early, but even the most pessimistic of...

Canucks Brunch- Passed. Past. Passed.


Trade deadline comes and goes, and the Canucks have made just the Derek Roy addition. We're stuck with the team that's clearly not been good enough to be considered a legitimate threat this year,...

Canucks Brunch- Smiling In A Ruined Age


So what gives? To listen to the media that cover the Canucks, this team is an ungodly mess. This ungodly mess has won 8 of their last 10. Ah, high expectations.

Canucks Brunch- We're Still Here


It might come as a shock to some that the Stanley Cup is in fact NOT being awarded to the Pittsburgh Penguins this morning. There's still a lot of hockey to be played, and tonight the Canucks are...

Canucks Brunch- To Push Or Not To Push


Bill Shakespeare I ain't. But the question remains: Should the Canucks be looking to make a splash at the deadline to give them a better shot at challenging for the Cup, and at what cost?

Canucks Brunch- Out Of My Way


A gritty, ground out road win that many didn't think they'd see from the Canucks yesterday was a definite treat, but no time to think back as they're in Denver to play the struggling Avalanche...

Canucks Brunch- Prove You Wrong


Given their injury list and now a 2 game suspension to Alex Edler, no one's really giving the Canucks a chance in this one. But is this mounting adversity exactly what the Canucks need in the...

Canucks Brunch- Badlands


It wasn't pretty but they pulled out a win against St Louis and now start the first of three on the road in Phoenix against a Coyotes team that's getting slapped around a lot lately. Can they take...

Canucks Brunch- How Will I Laugh Tomorrow


When I can't even smile today? Another 3rd period let down, another regulation loss to a divisional opponent. People keep telling me to stay positive, but I am almost positive the Canucks are...

Canucks Brunch


It's gotten that bad. Another embarrassing, soul-crushing loss and another tumble out of the division lead. Two huge games in two nights, and if they lose them, should the Canucks look at a...

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