Canucks Brunch

Canucks Brunch- Just Get It Over With


The playoffs are almost here, but the Canucks have to deal with that overrated bunch in the Alberta capital first. We'll know who they face by the end of the night, but in the meantime, here's to...

Canucks Brunch- Thank You


While the game itself may not mean much, it's still a pretty important game for the Canucks and their fans as we face what could very well be the last home appearance for Roberto Luongo.

Canucks Brunch- This Could Get Ugly


I'm not really sure what's gonna make this game worse: A Canucks team that just seems to have forgotten how to play defence every game for ages now, or that they're looking to just get through with...

Canucks Brunch- The 'What If' Game


The playoffs are coming and if there's one thing we learned from this road trip, it may be that we still don't know what kind of team the Canucks are. For them to make any noise in the playoffs, a...

Canucks Brunch- Deep In The Heart...


The Vancouver Canucks will be looking to clinch their 5th straight playoff appearance tonight in Dallas against the Stars. Dallas will be putting up a big fight as the battle to stay alive in the...

Canucks Brunch- Saint Luuuu


While they looked at times like the team who served up that stinker to the Avs, Roberto Luongo, Ryan Kesler and the Canucks got the job done in Nashville. Another challenge tonight for Cory...

Canucks Brunch- One More Time With Feeling


The loss to Colorado Saturday was a visual depiction of just why I struggle to see this Canucks team advancing in the postseason. Embarrassing. A chance to show Canucks fans we're wrong tonight as...

Canucks Brunch- Careful, Now...


The Canucks continue their road journey with a nooner in Denver against the Avalanche. They need to be focused on getting those important two points and letting the worst team in hockey derail...

Canucks Brunch- The More Things Change...


The Canucks have dealt with a ridiculous number of injuries over the course of this season, but just as all the banged-up Nucks seemed to be returning, The Chris's- Higgins and Tanev are out til...

Canucks Brunch- The Countdown Begins


There's 10 games left in the regular season for the Vancouver Canucks, & they have a slim lead in the Northwest Division over the Minnesota Wild. A win over the Phoenix Coyotes will go a long way...

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