Canucks Brunch

Canucks Brunch- I Think I'm Gonna Hertl


Yeah, yeah. The rookie's had a hell of a first week or so. Let's not kid ourselves, the Canucks have to be a little more concerned about the sum of those parts than any particular one. The first...

Canucks Brunch- Shout At The Devils


Thanks to some great scheduling from the NHL, we don't have to wait long before Cory Schneider's return to Vancouver. While it's nice to see him back, here's hoping the Canucks aren't generous...

Canucks Brunch- Well That Didn't Take Long


If there was one thing that you could truly count on with the arrival of John Tortorella as coach of the Canucks, it was a change in attitude. Boy did we get that last night in a 6-2 win over the...

Canucks Brunch-Take As Needed For Pain


Coming off a stinker against the Sharks, the Canucks will need to be wary of Oilers out for revenge in tonight's home opener. Also, Alberts will be on the 4th line, meaning you don't have enough...

Take a deep breath


and repeat after me: Hockey's back. Nice touch to have the Canucks take on the team that (mercifully) ended their season last time around.

Suspensions, Injuries and Hyperbole, Oh My!


Talk about your eventful weekends, huh? Injuries, suspensions, and internet screaming matches. I know we all missed hockey a lot, but the last couple days have a definite mid-season feel to them.

Canucks Brunch- Nowhere To Run


It's a horrible feeling as a sports fan, being in this situation. Part of you wants your team to emerge triumphant in spite of tremendous odds, while the other part just wants it over quick to put...

Canucks Brunch- Deja Spew


While the effort was good enough to get into overtime Friday night, it was due more to the play of Kesler and Luongo than a team effort. If this Canucks team continues to give us the kind of...

Playoff Brunch- Are You Ready?


It sucks to have to ask this, but then again this is the Vancouver Canucks we're talking about. All season long we've been 'treated' to efforts like we saw from them in Game 1 against San Jose, and...

Playoff Brunch- Leave It On The Ice


The time has finally arrived. After a season of doubt and inconsistency, the Canucks begin their quest for the Cup against a familiar foe. Are they ready for this?

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