NHL Stats: Small Sample Application Example


Four games is a tiny sample size, but it's a good time to learn to apply advanced stats to the Canucks.


Applying the Primer to the Second Line Centre

The other day, I made my first Fanpost here at Nucks Misconduct, laying out a primer for advanced stats that we can use this year to guide our analysis of the Canucks. I thought it would be a good...


NHL Advanced Stats: 2012-13 Season Primer

I’m going to be dropping in here at Nucks Misconduct every so often, usually talking stats. I know Advanced Stats aren’t for everyone, especially in the hockey world where they’ve been a little...

As The Clock Ticks, Let's Throw Some More Love At Cory Schneider


As we wait with baited breath for July 1st and the inevitable first blink by either Mike Gillis/Brian Burke/Dale Tallon/Scott Howson (ok, just kidding on that last one) as to where Roberto Luongo...

Thursday's Numbers: Detroit's streak


Vancouver is in Detroit tonight. Detroit have won 23* games in a row at home. Obviously, there is a reason for this. Is the team excellent at home or is it just percentages? Unfortunately, I can't...

Tuesday's Numbers: Do offensive zone starts help scorers?


@dstaples I think D. Sedin would have 7-9 fewer EV points this season if he got 50% o-zone starts — Gabriel Desjardins (@behindthenet) February 21, 2012 I retweeted this comment from Now,...

Thursday's Numbers: Malhotra's role is more important than Hodgson's


I got into another Twitter debate on Cody Minutes v. Manny Minutes today. I guess doing research that shows that Hodgson scores at a higher rate when he plays 14:28 or less isn't enough to satisfy...

Tuesday's Numbers: Can Chris Higgins come back, yet?


The worst staph infection ever. Chris Higgins is back on the ice, and, according to the Ben Kuzma story linked to by Jordan earlier, could make his way back into the lineup tomorrow against...

Thursdays Numbers, on a Friday: The Canucks' fortunes. How?


Finally, for the first time in what seems like a month, the Vancouver Canucks played back-to-back strong games, with an impressive score-tied performance against Nashville backed up by a clear...

Tuesday's Numbers: John Garrett's shootout master plan


"Hey guys, the Canucks are awful at shootouts. I've watched them a bunch this season and it just seems that way, and since every second game has gone to a shootout lately, the Canucks really need...

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