What is a troll?

These are the guidelines at NucksMisconduct:

1. We like civility. You like civility. We all like civility!

2. Roll with the punches if you're going to throw 'em.

3. Outright name calling and blatant insults won't be tolerated.

4. Enjoy yourself.

I have been a member of this less than prestigious group since 2010. I think these rules are followed 99% of the time….except for the civility part. Passion sometimes trumps civility. The need to be right usually trumps civility. The internet brings out the best in people. At one point in my early days on SBN, I would say I was a "troll" over at Second City Hockey. At the peak of Hawks-Nucks rivalry I would go over to SCH and post pics and say things just to get a rise from that group. Now while they have the guideline over "Don't feed the trolls - and don't be a troll." I chose to ignore it as I was having too much fun making them mad. One day I wanted to have an actual hockey conversation at SCH but found that my opinion, no matter have fact based it was, was ignored due to previous trolling. Lesson learned. I apologized to their community and tried to start from scratch. I think I made some inroads there and could go back today and comment without too much hassle.

The idea of what a troll is changes from blog to blog. And it is up to the commenter to get an understanding of what the community will accept or not accept. Now while the moderators have final say on what can or can’t be said, the community really sets the tone. But what if the community is wrong? Sometimes a group that has been together for so long knows the opinions of each other and is adverse to new opinions that go against the grain. Is the new person a troll?

Recently, a new NucksMisconduct member has been very vocal on many issues that have rubbed several members, including myself, the wrong way. I have been hesitant to use the word "troll" as they seem to be a fan of the team and have done their research on certain topics. But the "word" continues to pop up in my head. Maybe it’s my own opinion of how a fan is supposed to be. Maybe it’s my own opinion of how I am right because of my 30+ years of watching this team suffer. Maybe it’s my love of certain players that they would trade as fast as I can drink a beer. I know it’s the dislike for the fact that they would make large wholesale changes of this team in a heartbeat.

Some people want the Canucks to win and some people want Vancouver to win. Let me explain the difference. Vancouver winning would bring pride to the city and recognition from other cities that we have a championship team. The Canucks winning would mean that this organization of players that we have cheered for and jeered have made good on our faith in them. I want this core to win. I don’t want a whole new team and I think fact this new member would gut this team in every way possible to win rubs me the wrong way.

And yet, I would not call them a troll. Disloyal, winning at all costs, heartless fan. Sure. But not a troll. They haven’t insulted anyone here. They just don’t fit the mold of fan we are used to.

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