The end of an Era: Thanks for all the memories Lu!

I remember when I first heard that we got Roberto Luongo eight years ago I was ecstatic. This was from a fan who watched the West Coast Express and know that we can score but only have the momentum shift the other way when Dan Cloutier would let in an untimely goal. Funny thing is, at the time I didn’t think Cloutier was all that bad but that’s probably because I only had Sean Burke and Garth Snow to compare him to. I remember fondly about Kirk Mclean in the 94 run and I thought at the time that was all we were missing during those West Coast Express days. Well the WCE era ended when Todd Bertuzzi was traded for Luongo. I knew that was the end of an era

I was excited because we got a goaltender who could give us a chance to win every night. And that he did. Lu gave us a chance to win every night for the last eight years and that’s all anyone could really ask from their goaltender. We at Vancouver had been spoiled for the past eight years as we demanded Lu to steal games for us every single night when it really should be a rarity. Lu was so good and stole so many games for us it became a rarity when Lu didn’t steal that game. When Lu let in that bad goal, we pounced and we ignored that hey this is hockey and it’s a team game. Lu can only steal so many games for us when all we could ask from him is to give the Canucks a chance to win. And boy did he ever do that in the last eight years. Today was the end of that era. Though I wish that Lu could retire as a Canuck, I do find solace that he is going to a place where he wanted to be and that he will be happy. So to celebrate Lu’s time in Vancouver I put in a couple of links in the following on some Lu memories.

Lu’s first regular season game as a Canuck

Lu’s first playoff game: Canucks vs Stars. Canucks won in 4X OT 5-4

Sidney Crosby vs Roberto Luongo - Penalty Shot in Overtime

Lu robs Pavol Demitra in 2010 Olympics

Lu joins 2010 Paralympic torch relay

Lu robs Jaromir Jagr

Lu robs Jack Johnson

Lu robs Ryan Smyth

Lu robs Ben Eager

Lu robs Brian Campbell in 2011 playoffs

Lu goal line save in OT against Sam Ganger

Luongo & Schneider - The Shocking Truth

Fix You: Roberto Luongo Tribute

2014 Roberto Luongo Tribute I Say Something. Bye Lu

We didn’t always treat you well Lu, but you always gave us a chance to win. When the offence dried up, you bailed us out. When the defence collapse, you stole games. And sure you let those last minute goals in at times but hey you always had a flair for the dramatics and made the games a lot of fun to watch. Thanks for all the memories Lu and as we part ways I just really want to say all the best Lu. All the best. We won’t be the same without you.

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