Canucks Brunch: Decrepit Crescendo

Thanks, boys. - Rich Lam

With trade winds, player and fan discontent swirling, the Canucks head to Phoenix for an important divisional game against the Coyotes. Are the Canucks making moves in the next 36 or so hours to load up for the playoffs, as they would have us believe? Or are they already dead in the water?

If you had to pick one game to use as a portrayal of this year's Vancouver Canucks, then the Heritage Classic has to be the hands-down favorite.  Strong start, then instead of putting a foot on their opponent's throat they allow them back up and into the game.  They blow the lead, then give it up completely.  A key player goes down to injury.  An empty net goal to remind us all just how pathetic and inept the power play has become.  And to wrap it all up, fireworks at the end to celebrate another regulation loss.  Add in the rumours of discontent around Ryan Kesler, and the mind-boggling move by John Tortorella to start Eddie Lack over Roberto Luongo, and that was the entire season in one easy-to-swallow pill.

And speaking of easy-to-swallow, how disheartening is it to see Mike Gillis and Lawrence Gilman blowing smoke about playoffs.  How on earth is this team, even with changes, going to make the playoffs?  Daniel Sedin's gone for at least 3 weeks.  Alex Burrows STILL hasn't scored.  There's not many others scoring either.  The defence has become porous.  There's not a damn thing there that should even be remotely conceived as a glimmer of hope.  Yet the G-Men are venturing into 'We're going for it!" territory ala Jay Feaster.

And while I am frustrated and pissed off about how this whole thing has played out, there is reason for optimism, but that is for the future.  The Canucks seem to be putting together some decent prospects.  Bo Horvat, Nicklas Jensen, Hunter Shinkaruk, Dane Fox, these guys could all be names we hear a lot of down the road.  Any moves tomorrow to do anything besides prepare for the future are surely misguided.  And when they do miss the playoffs, and yes, they will; you have to believe that the Aqualini's are going to clean house.  That is if they are as committed to winning as they've told us.

And just as I wrap up this post, this happened:

Let the hand-wringing and over-reactions commence.  Enjoy the game.  Hah.

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