Sochi Olympics Open Thread - February 9

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Canada looks to upset Russia for the gold in the Team Figure Skating competition, as the Olympics continue.

Canada got off to a very strong start to the Olympics! Mark McMorris brought home the first Canadian medal by winning bronze in the Men's Slopestyle Snowboarding, while Chloe and Justine Dufour-Lapointe doubled up for gold and silver in the Ladies Moguls! Although Norway leads everyone with 4 medals on the first day, Canada is tied with the Netherlands right behind them, and we are set to add more today!

Alpine Skiing

The Downhill event is probably the most basic of the skiing events: the fastest time down the hill wins. Jan Hudec, Benjamin Thomsen, Eric Guay and Manuel Osborne-Paradis attempt to win the gold for Canada in this event. The runs start at 11:00 Sochi time.


Today we get the women’s version of the Sprint. The women get a shorter run than the men, having to do 3 laps of a 2.5km route for a total of 7.5km, instead of the 3.3km route to make 10km. Canada is represented by Zina Kocher, Megan Imrie, Rosanna Crawford and Megan Heinicke. The races start at 18:30 Sochi time.


After watching the ladies do the Skiathlon yesterday, the men get to do it today. They will go twice as far as the women, doing 15km of each type of skis instead of only 7.5km. Alex Harvey, Ivan Babikov and Graeme Killick will represent Canada.The racing starts at 14:00 Sochi time.

Figure Skating

As it turns out, it took me until watching the events yesterday to realize that all these "Team" programs are actually one new long competition, almost like the figure-skating version of a relay! Canada sits at 2nd overall with 41 points, with Russia ahead at 47. The top five is rounded out by USA, Japan and Italy. The Team Men Free Skate will start at 19:00, followed by the Team Ladies Free program at 20:05. The Team Ice Dance Free program at 21:10 will determine the final medal rankings.

Ice Hockey

The Canadian ladies may have the day off, but there is still hockey on! Group B skates today, as Sweden takes on Japan at 12:00 Sochi time, followed by Russia and Germany at 17:00.


After doing the first two runs yesterday, the men will take on the last two today. The fastest total time at the end of the fourth round is the gold-medal winner. Canadian Samuel Edney goes into the 3rd heat ranked 10th overall so far, followed by Mitchel Malyk in 27th and John Fennell in 30th. The 3rd run starts at 18:30 Sochi time, followed by the 4th at 20:40.

Ski Jumping

After yesterday’s qualification, today sees the main and final rounds for the men’s Normal Hill jumps. Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes and Dusty Korek were the two Canadians to make it past the qualifications. The 1st round starts at 21:30 Sochi time, with the medal-awarding final round going at 22:30.


The ladies slopestyle will run their semis and finals today. Canadian Spencer O’Brien earned a bye to the final round, while Jenna Blasman will have to rock the extra round. The semis start at 10:30, with the medal-bedazzled finals starting at 13:15.

Speed Skating

Today we see the ladies’ 3000m races, with the fastest time winning. Brittany Schussler and Ivanie Blondin will be rocking the gorgeous red-and-white speed skating suits. The races start at 15:30 Sochi time.

For viewing information and live results and news, watch the official Sochi Olympics site, the CBC Olympics site, and the Team Canada Olympics site.

Canada go!

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