Canucks Brunch- Fire Cleanses

No matter how bad things got for the Canucks over the last few years (and listen, you spoiled bastards, we have little to actually complain about), we could always take solace in the fact that twice a year, the Canucks would beat the Leafs. It didn't matter how bad the Canucks played, or how good the Leafs did. Automatic 2 points. I have some bad news for you...


There is nothing that the Canucks are doing right now that leads me to believe that the Maple Leafs, dysfunctional in their own right, aren't just going to blow the doors off Vancouver tonight.  Thursday night's loss reeked of traveling back in time to the Alain Vigneault era, where a demoralizing loss was met with post game comments from the Canucks that they thought they played well.

Perhaps it's the crankiness that my flu-ravaged body is mustering up right now,  but there had better be some serious effort by this team's management during the Olympic break to come up with a redesign for this team once the roster freeze is lifted.  They are quite literally at the break point.  If they don't do something to shake things up, this is a lost season.  We knew going in it would be a battle, we just didn't think that the lows would be so damn low, and right now, we're in Messier-era territory as far as how badly this team is playing.

Sure, the injuries aren't helping matters, but all teams suffer through injuries, and you hope you have the kind of depth that allows you to do that.  We're seeing that while the call-ups aren't hurting the Canucks, they certainly aren't helping.  The real issue is a long list of the leaders on this team playing some of the worst hockey of their careers.  Daniel Sedin, Ryan Kesler, Alex Burrows, Alex Edler, David Booth, Jason Garrison, Jannik Hansen all playing just absolutely dismally right now.  Imagine if we hadn't been getting the kind of goaltending Roberto Luongo and Eddie Lack have brought to the table?

No big analysis here.  I am way too sick to get into this.  Just please, before this godforsaken virus kills me, get your collective shit together.  And whatever you do, make it start tonight.  We've suffered a lot of embarrassments this season, but I don't know if any of us can take (or deserve) the humiliation of a loss to the Leafs.  Plus, I don't want to be getting taunting facebook messages from my sister and son-in-law. Right now, this streak of going unbeaten against the Leafs is all we have, and that truly is as sad as it sounds...


This streak will eventually come to an end.  Just please, hockey gods: Make sure it's not tonight.  I am too medicated to be able to engage in the kind of drinking a loss to Toronto will require.


Toxic Holocaust.  Crank this.

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