The Dale Weise For Raphael Diaz Deal: What's Being Said

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

With Chris Tanev, Yannick Weber and Kevin Bieksa likely out long term, and all three being right -handed shots, Mike Gillis today traded a doghouse forward in Dale Weise to the Habs and got a doghouse right-handed defenceman in return. Here is what's being said out there in the web:

Raphael Diaz came to Montreal from the Swiss National League A already cast as an offensive defenseman due to a relatively slight frame at 5'11" and 197lbs, with a history of good offensive production. Because of this casting, Diaz's lack of goal production over the last two seasons has seen people constantly attacking him, but here's the problem with that, he's better defensively than offensively.

In fact, he's better defensively than almost every player on the Montreal Canadiens, including the guy Marc Bergevin handed a $4.1M/year extension to before he laced up a skate this season.

Of all defenseman to play 300 or more minutes last season, Raphael Diaz ranked third in the NHL in fewest goals against every 60 minutes of play with 1.128. This season that number has risen to 1.719, but remains the best mark on the Canadiens by a significant margin.

-Habs Eyes On The Prize

How Diaz will fit with Tortorella is a relevant question. He’s been a healthy scratch for eight straight games (the Habs lost six of them) and will not provide grit, or pushback or toughness.

Essentially, Diaz found himself in the Montreal doghouse and he wasn’t getting out.

He is not physical. He is 5-foot-11 and under 200 pounds.

But he does block shots. Even with all those healthy scratches he’s one of only three Montreal players with 100 of them.

Even without size, he’s proven to be an effective penalty killer.

Also, he can skate. He can move pucks. He can produce on a power play. At the very least, if he’s used, he can’t make the Canucks power play worse.

-Jason Botchford, The Province.

The 25-year-old Weise isn’t a cure-all for the struggling Canadiens, but he adds some much-needed size and toughness. He’s a fourth-liner who has 10 goals, 26 assists and 185 penalty minutes in 165 National Hockey League games with the Canucks and the New York Rangers.

-The Montreal Gazette

"(The trade) comes as a little bit of a shock to me. I think any time you hear rumours around you think about it but there's so many (rumours) that go around and you just never know.

"I didn't put too much thought into it ... I was shocked when I heard about it today."

-Dale Weise

Diaz will wear #24:

 photo diaz_zpsbbf1188b.jpg

-That via the Canucks on Instagram.

Be warned Canucks fans: Diaz is very good at missing the net.


Dale Weise will not be playing for Team Canada, so if anyone is concerned about this trade, we got an Olympian for someone who was 584th in line to be on Team Canada’s 4th line. Pretty good trade by those standards.

- It adds more defensive depth, which the Canucks are going to need when they trade Alex Edler for a low-end top 6 player. Now that the Dale Weise 360 is kind of kaput, that is the new dream for me.

-Legion Of Blog (of course!)



His first NHL goal:

Some of his work for the Swiss:

Thanks for everything, Dale Weise and good luck in Montreal! Welcome to Vancouver Raphael!

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