Canada vs Sweden Gold Medal Game Thread

Love him now. Kill him later! - Bruce Bennett
Time Sunday, 4:00 AM PST

If there was ever a time I lived out east....4:00 AM start? Get outta here!

Right off the hop, from the Globe And Mail:

Canada and Sweden are both undefeated in the tournament, meaning that the 2014 Olympics will crown the first undefeated Olympic champion since 1984 in Sarajevo, when the Soviet Union won the gold.

These teams have met in the gold medal round before, and it ended in a shootout marathon:

Back in the day when the Euros could use their best players and the Canadians could not. Regardless, love the Forsberg move. A legend was born. Lillehammer '94. Remember that? Me neither.

Wow. The Canadian team is so much about team defence, but what do you expect when their coaches are Mike Babcock, Lindy Ruff and Claude Julien? Canada pulled off a pretty convincing 1-0 win over the USA to get to this game. But do you really want to keep banking on a 1-0 win? Hell no! Time for Sidney Crosby to step it up from his no goals and 2 assists in 5 games. I mean, the play by play guys praise his holy name every game and he is our #1 guy, right? Maybe Sid shows up in style like he did in 2010 in Vancouver.  If the Canadians beat the Swedes and Crosby scores no points nobody is going to care for another 4 years. Nobody will care about the 0 goals in this tournament from guys like Toews, Kunitz, Perry, Nash, St. Louis and Bergeron.

My first thought of a Canada - Sweden matchup: We are going to beat them down physically. Bang bang bang. Hit the Swedes at every turn. Canada is far more physically imposing than they are.

The Swedes are persaverent buggers though. Losing Zetterberg was a blow, yet they still beat Finland to get to this point, and Finland was no piece of cake.

-Watch out for that Swedish power play!

-Daniel Alfredsson's take:

"Our challenge is going to be breaking down their solid defence. The U.S. didn’t really get a lot of great scoring chances (in the semifinal). They were kept on the outside. That’s the challenge, to penetrate the neutral zone with speed and get to those second and third chances."

-My loyalties do not necessarily lie within the Olympics. If Daniel Sedin can score 3 and Sweden wins, and he stops sucking at the NHL level to lead the Canucks out of their current slump....well I f*cking prefer that. Honestly, I do not think NHL players should be playing in the Olympics anyway. But I will get into that another day. How are you doing Kesler? Shake off that loss and put your focus on where it really counts, which is with the guys that pay your big contract so you can live luxuriously. Too soon. I know. I'm such a party pooper at times. Oh hey, John Tortorella more or less agrees with me:

"I hope Sweden wins, cause I don’t think Hammer is going to play, judging by what’s happened.

"I don’t think Lui is going to play. So, I don’t give a shit about (Team Canada) right now because they’re not playing.

"I just want them back here.

"I hope Daniel scores two, Edler gets three assists and Sweden wins.

"So they come back feeling good about themselves because it’s going to help us.

"That’s all I’m concerned about right now. The Vancouver Canucks."

That from The Province.

-I love the Price - Lundqvist matchup between the pipes. Would prefer Roberto Luongo in there because I'm his #12,128th fan, but way to go Carey Price.  Canada has allowed only 3 goals against in this tournament to Sweden's 6. See where this is potentially heading? Another low-scoring game anybody? Let's look at some more stats.

Top 3 Canadian Scoring Leaders

1. Drew Doughty: 4-2-6

2. Shea Weber: 3-2-6

3. Jeff Carter: 3-1-4

Top 3 Swedish Scorers

1. Erik Karlsson: 4-4-8

2. Daniel Sedin: 1-4-5

3. Daniel Alfredsson: 2-2-4

Power Play

Sweden: 36.8% (1)

Canada: 22.2% (3)

Penalty Kill

Sweden: 89.5% (5)

Canada: 92.9% (1)


Sweden has taken 22 minor penalties in this tournament to Canada's 16.Hook on, Daniel!

Goaltender Save Percentages

Sweden: 95.1% (3)

Canada: 97.1% (1)

USA's Ryan Suter said of the loss to Canada:

"We didn't show up to play and it's just very frustrating."

C'mon Ryan, give the Canadian D and pressure some credit will ya? Oh, and the Swedes WILL show up.


Babcock and Nash have some thoughts on the Final:

Eddie Lack has some thoughts on this one:

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