Sochi Olympics Open Thread - February 22 & 23

Whoever this girl is, way to show spirit! - Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The games are ending.

Well, the games are coming to an end. Canada had a huge day yesterday, with 4 medals earned and another guaranteed for Sunday. Saturday will see a lot of sports come to their ends, while Sunday will wrap up the entire Olympic games.

A quick programming note here: due to the lack of events on Sunday, along with having a separate gamethread for the gold-medal hockey game between Canada and Sweden, I have added Sunday's few events to this Saturday thread. Yes, this means that this post you are now reading the last open thread for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. It has been quite fun watching these games, and hopefully Pyeongchang 2018 is just as fun!

Saturday February 22

Alpine Skiing

The men will run their slalom today. Canadians Michael Janyk, Brad Spence, Philip Brown and Trevor Philp are among the whopping 117 individuals in this last alpine skiing event. Run 1 starts at 16:45, followed by Run 2 at 20:15.


The men will wrap up with the relay today, having each teammate do 3 laps of a 2.5km track and 2 rounds of shooting. The extra bullets scenario is included here. Canada's team will have Jean-Phillipe Le Guellec, Scott Perras, Brendan Green and Nathan Smith. The race starts at 18:30.


The four-men teams will skate to the track today for their first two heats, with the last two heats on Sunday. "Canada1" will have Chris Spring, Timothy Randall, James McNaughton and Bryan Barnett, while "Canada2" will have Lyndon Rush, Lascelles Brown, David Bissett and Neville Wright. "Canada3" wraps up the Canadian contingent with Justin Kripps, Jesse Lunden, Cody Sorenson and Ben Coakwell. Heat 1 starts at 20:30, followed by Heat 2 at 22:00.


The biggest and longest event always happens on the last days. The ladies will take on the Mass Start 30km race today. Amanda Ammar, Emily Nishikawa, Heidi Widmer and Brittany Webster will represent Canada. Start time is 13:30.

Ice Hockey

The men will have their bronze-medal match today, with most of us secretly hoping that Finland can whip the USA off the podium. The game starts at 19:00.


The parallel slaloms will run today. The ladies have qualifications at 9:15, 1/8 finals at 13:15, quarterfinals at 14:03, semifinals at 14:30, and finals at 14:46. The men have qualifications at 9:42, 1/8 finals at 13:27, quarterfinals at 14:09, semifinals at 14:33, and finals at 14:50. Ariane Lavigne, Caroline Clave and Marianne Leeson will represent Canada in the ladies event, while Matthew Morison, Michael Lambert and Jasey Jay Anderson will be on the men's side.

Speed Skating

The long track wraps up today with the continuation of the Team Pursuits. The ladies have semifinals at 17:30, followed by the finals at 18:14. The Canadian team of Kali Christ, Christine Nesbitt, Ivanie Blondin and Brittany Schussler lost their quarterfinal race yesterday, so they will be in the C final to determine if they finish 5th or 6th. The men have their finals at 17:51. The Canadian team of Vincent De Haitre, Mathieu Giroux, Denny Morrison and Lucas Makowsky lost their semifinal yesterday, so they will be unable to defend their gold. Instead, they will be in the B final for a chance at bronze.

Sunday February 23


Usually this event wraps up before the last day, but not this year. Bobsleigh finishes with a bang on the last day of the games with the final 2 heats of the four-man event. Seeing as there are 3 Canadian teams with 4 men each, I'll just let you scroll up to see who is on each team. After Heat 2 goes on Saturday, I will likely update this section to say what the midway rankings are for each team. Heat 3 goes at 13:30, followed by Heat 4 at 15:00.

Cross Country

The men’s 50km Mass Start race is always on the last day of the games. The list of competitors has not been posted yet, so I will update when we know who the Canadian competitors will be. The race starts at 11:00.

Ice Hockey

We are planning to have a separate gamethread for this game. Canada takes on Sweden at 16:00, and we want gold again!

Closing ceremony

The closing ceremony will kick off at 20:00, as Sochi says goodbye to the world.

For the last time, be sure to check out the official Sochi Olympics, CBC Olympics, and Team Canada Olympics websites.

Canada go!

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