Sochi Olympics Open Thread - February 17

That is a bad-ass bobsleigh. - Al Bello

Ice dancing and bobsleigh have medals today, while hockey and curling get into playoff mode.

Well, there was some success yesterday for the Canadian. The men's hockey team locked up 3rd overall going into playoff mode, both curling teams locked up playoff berths, and Dominique Maltais earned a silver in snowboard cross. The action continues today with bobsleigh and ice dancing medals.


Today will be an extra-busy day for biathlon. Because of the weather yesterday, the men's 15km Mass Start had to be re-scheduled for 10:00 today. On the upside, unlike yesterday, they finally posted the list of competitors for me, so I can say that Canada will be represented by Nathan Smith, Jean-Phillipe Le Guellec and Brendan Green.

Meanwhile, the original plans for today will continue, as the women will have their 12.5km Mass Start. Just like the men, the women will start at the same time, with 5 laps of only a 2.5km track and 4 rounds of shooting. Unfortunately like yesterday, they are not posting my list of competitors ahead of time. This race starts at 19:00.


The Two-Man Bobsleigh continues today with the last 2 heats. After the first 2 runs yesterday, Justin Kripps and Bryan Barnett are sitting in 4th, only 0.44 seconds behind the leaders. The duos of Chris Spring with Jesse Lumsden and Lyndon Rush with Lascelles Brown are just behind at 8th and 9th respectively, both within 0.66 seconds of the leader. Heat 3 starts at 18:30, followed by Heat 4 at 20:05.


All the round robins wrap up today with the end of Session 12! Jennifer Jones and her ladies have already locked up 1st overall in the round robin, earning a berth in the semifinals. They still have one game left, a 19:00 match with Korea. Brad Jacobs and his men have finished all their games, and currently sit in 3rd place with a 7-2 record. Their final positioning is still subject to a few results today, but a semifinal berth is already locked up.

9:00 (Women's Session 11): Korea plays USA, Russia faces Great Britain, and Japan battles China.

14:00 (Men's Session 12): Germany plays Russia, Switzerland faces USA, Norway battles Denmark, and China meets Great Britain.

19:00 (Women's Session 12): China plays Switzerland, Denmark faces Great Britain, Sweden battles Japan, and Canada meets Korea.

Figure Skating

The Ice Dancing wraps up today with the free skate. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are sitting 2nd after the short skate yesterday, only 2 points behind their American rivals Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje are sitting 7th, while Alexandra Paul and Mitchell Islam sit 18th. The dancing starts at 19:00.

Freestyle Skiing

The men take on the aerials today. Travis Gerrits is the sole Canadian in the competition. The two qualification rounds start at 17:45 and 18:30 respectively. The 3 final rounds start at 21:30, 21:55 and 22:12.

Ice Hockey

The men will have a day off today, after wrapping up their round robin yesterday. This allows the women to have the major spotlight, as they have their semifinals to determine the bronze and gold medal matchups. The 16:30 matchup could prove to be a shocker with USA taking on Sweden, a team that could be ready to upset the North American dominance of the sport. Later on, the 21:00 matchup features Canada taking on Switzerland to earn a spot in that gold-medal match.

Ski Jumping

The team competition involves 4 jumpers per team on the HS 140 large hill. The top 8 in the 1st round of jumping move on to the final round, with the highest total score for all jumps winning the gold. Canada's team will consist of Trevor Morrice, Dusty Korek, Matthew Rowley and Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes. The 1st round of jumping starts at 21:15, with the final round at 22:22.


After watching the women do it yesterday, the men now have their turn at the snowboard cross. Christopher Robanske, Kevin Hill, Robert Fagan and Jake Holden all represent Canada here. Robert finished 5th in Vancouver 2010, and will look to reach the podium this time. Seeding happens at 11:00, followed by 1/8th finals at 13:30, quarterfinals at 13:52, semifinals at 14:40, and finals at 14:12.

For lots of coverage and results, be sure to check out the official Sochi Olympics, CBC Olympics, and Team Canada Olympics websites.

Canada go!

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