Sochi Olympics Open Thread - February 15

Charles Hamelin goes for the podium again. - Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Hamelin and Marie St-Gelais skate for gold, while ladies hockey starts their playoffs.

Okay, time to get that silly Valentine's Day mushiness out of our heads, and refocus on the Olympics. Patrick Chan brought home the silver medal yesterday, and Canada whipped Austria 6-0 in men's hockey. Today's events include the first playoff action for ladies ice hockey, as well as major action on the short track.

Alpine Skiing

The ladies will do the Super-G today, which is a combination of the speeds of dowhill and the track of slalom. After getting injured the other day, Marie-Michele Gagnon is rumoured to be good to go for this event, and she will be joined by Larisa Yurkiw and Marie-Pier Prefontaine. The races start at 11:00.


The ladies will ski their relay today. Each of the 4 ladies will ski 5km, and the fastest team time is the winner. Perianne Jones, Brittany Webster, Daria Gaiazova and Emily Nishikawa make up the Canadian team. Racing starts at 14:00.


Brad Jacobs and his men beat Norway by a score of 10-4 yesterday. They have one game today, an afternoon match with Great Britain. After a day off yesterday, Jennifer Jones and her ladies have 2 matches today: they face Japan at 9:00, followed by the home-team Russians at 19:00.

9:00 (Women's Session 8): Canada faces Japan, China plays Sweden, and Great Britain battles Korea.

14:00 (Men's Session 9): Sweden faces Germany, Canada plays Great Britain, Denmark batttles Switzerland, and Russia meets China.

19:00 (Women's Session 9): Canada faces Russia, USA plays Sweden, Great Britain battles Switzerland, and Denmark meets China.

Ice Hockey

The men continue their preliminary sessions with 4 games on tap. Slovakia plays Slovenia at 12:00, followed by USA facing Russia at 16:30. The two games at 21:00 feature Sweden against Latvia, and Switzerland versus Czech Republic.

On the women's side, the preliminaries are done, and the playoffs are on! Canada is safe so far, earning top spot in Group A. The quarterfinals today will feature the epic rivalry matchup of Finland against Sweden, followed by Russia against Switzerland at 16:30.

Short Track

With figure skating taking a day off, the short track takes over again! The ladies have their full 1500m event today, heats and finals. Marianne St-Gelais leads the way, along with Valerie Maltais and Marie-Eve Drolet. The heats start at 14:00, followed by semifinals at 15:12 and medal-awarding finals at 16:06.

In between the women's races, the men will have their full 1000m event. Charles Hamelin, Charle Cournoyer, and Olivier Jean all won their respective heats the other day, and continue on their quest for Olympic domination. Charles Hamelin finished 4th in this event in Vancouver, and wants to make the podium this time around. The quarterfinals start at 14:43, followed by semifinals at 15:43 and medal-studded finals at 16:20.


The men will wrap up their event today. John Fairburn is sitting in 8th right now at 2.27 seconds behind the leader, followed by Eric Neilson in 12th. Heat 3 goes at 18:45, followed by Heat 4 at 20:16.

Ski Jumping

The men will jump their individual Large Hill event today. The three Canadians to make it past the qualifications the other day are Matthew Rowley, Trevor Morrice, and Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes. The 1st round starts at 21:30, followed by the final round at 22:30.

Speed Skating

The men take on their 1500m skates today. Denny Morrison will skate again after earning a silver medal yesterday, and he will be joined by Mathieu Giroux, Lucas Makowsky and Vincent De Haitre. Racing starts at 17:30.

For lots of news and coverage, be sure to visit the official Sochi Olympics, CBC Olympics, and Team Canada Olympics websites.

Canada go!

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