Sochi Olympics Open Thread - February 12

These guys will have to deal with the loud Russian home crowd tonight. - Clive Mason

Men's hockey starts today.

Yesterday was a bit on the quieter front for the Canadians. Dara Howell and Kim Lamarre picked up the first gold and bronze ever for ladies ski slopestyle, while Alex Gough finished 4th in women's luge. Today marks the beginning of men's hockey!

The women get to tackle the downhill today. Larisa Yurkiw is the only Canadian participating. The races start at 11:00.


Brad Jacobs and his men managed to catch up to Sweden in the 9th end yesterday, only to end the 10th with a 7-6 loss. They don’t play in the morning session today, but will have to deal with the home-crowd noise in the evening as they face Russia. Meanwhile, Jennifer Jones and her ladies did so well against Sweden yesterday that the last two ends weren’t needed, and they walked away with the 9-3 score after only 8 ends. They will play the Brits today in the afternoon session.

9:00 (Men’s Session 4): Denmark faces USA, China battles Switzerland, and Norway meets Germany

14:00 (Women’s Session 4): USA faces China, Korea battles Sweden, Japan plays Russia, and Canada matches up with Great Britain.

19:00 (Men’s Session 5): Switzerland faces Great Britain, Germany battles China, Denmark plays Sweden, and Canada matches up with Russia.

Figure Skating

After yesterday’s short program, the pairs now get to perform the free. Paige Lawrence and Rudi Swiegers are just happy to be at the games, going into the free skate ranked 13th. The other two Canadian pairs, Meagan Duhamel with Eric Radford and Kristen Moore-Towers with Dylan Moscovitch, are going in ranked 5th and 6th, and will need perfection if they expect to reach the podium. The final skates start at 19:45.

Ice Hockey

It’s time for the NHL players to play! The men begin their ice hockey tournament today by playing in their preliminary groups. It all kicks off with Czech Republic playing Sweden, and Latvia facing Switzerland. Both those games start at 21:00. Preliminaries continue on the women’s side, as Switzerland plays Finland at 12:00, followed by Canada against USA at 16:30.


Now that the singles are done, the luge will have its doubles competition. Tristan Walker and Justin Snith of Canada will be first to go on the track, and will try to set the standard for everyone else. Run 1 starts at 18:15, followed by the medal-awarding Run 2 at 19:45.

Nordic Combined

The Gunderson is split into two stages: a ski jump and a cross-country race. The ski jump in the 1st round determines how much of a head start the leaders get in the 2nd round, which is a 10km cross-country race. Today, we have the Normal Hill Gunderson, which uses the standard-size 105 HS hill for the ski-jumping. There are no Canadians in this event. The jumping starts at 13:30, followed by the Cross-Country at 16:30.


Today, the ladies get to compete in their halfpipe. Alexandra Duckworth, Katie Tsyuki and Mercedes Nicoll will represent Canada. Qualifications start at 14:00, followed by the semifinals at 19:00 and finals at 21:30.

Speed Skating

The men get to skate their 1000m race today. Denny Morrison came in 13th in Vancouver for this event, and will obviously want to improve on that. Joining him are fellow Canadians Vincent De Haitre, Muncef Ouardi, and William Dutton. The event starts at 18:00.

For lots of coverage and headlines, be sure to check out the official Sochi Olympics, CBC Olympics, and Team Canada websites.

Canada go!

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