2014 Heritage Classic: Canucks Alumni Game Roster Picks

With the Heritage Classic a little over a month away, its time to start speculating who would play in Canucks colours if there's an alumni game played the day before. After looking at some of the best Canucks fit for the job, here's who I think should play for Vancouver in an alumni game against Ottawa.

1st Forward Line - Trevor Linden, Pavel Bure, and Greg Adams
Oh, the '94 feels! The top line of that amazing '94 playoff run being reunited as the starters. I think it would be fantastic seeing those guys feeding each other passes again!

2nd Forward Line - Cliff Ronning, Markus Naslund, and Stan Smyl
Here's a line that's got a little bit of everything in it. Ronning has never been one to turn down an alumni game and still lives in the area, while Smyl works in the Canucks' front offices and Naslund being one of the best scorers in Canucks history.

3rd Forward Line - Thomas Gradin, Gino Odjick, and Tiger Williams
A Ring of Honour inductee centering two of everybody's favorite tough guys on one line? Sounds too good to be true.

4th Forward Line - Murray Craven, Geoff Courtnall, and Darcy Rota
Two huge point getters from the 90's, plus an 80's playmaker round out the Canucks' forwards.

Defensemen - Dave Babych, Harold Snepsts, Jyrki Lumme, Jiri Slegr, Kevin McCarthy, and Doug Lidster
All of these defensemen were top players in their tenure with the Canucks. One Ring of Honour member, two former team captains, and a few active alumni members make up a fantastic blue line system.

Goalies - Kirk McLean and Richard Brodeur
No surprises here. "Captain Kirk" is already very active in the Canucks alumni group and would make a great starting netminder. Both goalies are also huge pieces of Canucks history after backstopping two different Cinderella Vancouver teams to the Finals in 1982 and 1994 respectively.

Well, those are my picks for a alumni game prior to the 2014 Heritage Classic. However, since most of Ottawa's greatest players are still in the league (Zdeno Chara, Dany Heatley, Daniel Alfredsson, etc.), its somewhat unlikely that the organizers will stage an alumni game. If you think there's someone being left out of the roster, leave a comment.

Go Canucks Go!

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