The Complete Rebuild Hypothesis - NHL '14 Version

As some of you may recall on March 12, mechanixfetch posted a fanpost entitled The Complete Rebuild Hypothesis. The idea in essence was simple: Keep 3 current roster players and deal the rest while adhering to the salary cap (Re-read the original article for the specifics, it was very well thought out). I decided to embrace this concept with my first BeAGM with the recently released NHL '14.

It should be noted that for the purpose of this experiment I used the most recently released rosters from EA and the default trade AI difficulty level for the dynasty (Medium).

Here is how things played out for my 2013-14 Vancouver Canucks:

At forward it was important for the integrity (as much integrity as one can have using a video game as a tool for analysis)of this process to keep the Sedins together.

Scott Hartnell (86) John Tavares (89) Claude Giroux (90)
Mikkel Boedker (83) Brayden Schenn (83) Wayne Simmonds (85)
Jannik Hansen (81) Zack Smith (79) Kyle Okposo (84)
Brandon Prust (80) Nate Thompson (79) Dale Weise (77)
Tim Jackman (73) Paul Byron (72)

As you can see, I kept 2 forwards in Hansen and Weise. I had no intentions of making Weise one of my 'keepers', but considering that he holds no video game value I decided that his 77 rating was good enough to justify a 4th line role.

My style is pretty simple at forward: First line skates, everyone else SMASHES!

On defence, it was complete facelift time!

Victor Hedman (86) Luca Sbisa (84)
Jared Cowen (84) Alexei Emelin (83)
Paul Postma (79) Chris Tanev (80)
Raphael Diaz (77)

It has to be said: the biggest flaw in video game hockey is that any defenceman can outscore the best forwards in the game. Obviously I knew this and decided that young, big defencemen with decent speed were more important than having a true powerplay QB on the back end. As with my forwards, I like to crush my opponents at every opportunity... I CAN NOT stress this enough!

In net I decided that I needed controversy, so I went out and acquired 2 decent tenders. Neither goalie would survive in the 'Goalie Graveyard', but I figured that one of these 2 would be a good fit for my team... Yeah, about that... I'll explain later.

Ondrej Pavelec (82)
Anders Lindback (82)
So my roster is done right? Well, I have to add a few additional pieces that we acquired along the way. I'm a hoarder when it comes to draft picks, so quickly here's what I managed to gather through my wheeling and dealing:
2014 Picks 2015 Picks
PHI 1st OTT 1st
MTL 1st VAN 1st
ANH 2nd WPG 2nd
PHX 2nd PHX 2nd
NYI 2nd NYI 2nd
TB 3rd MTL 3rd

With my roster set I was ready to begin my season... I will elaborate on how the roster fared in the comments... It was an adventure of a season!

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