International Canucks (Who Are We, Sweden?!)

Rich Lam

At least partially. Certainly as far as Vancouver's scoring is concerned, any way.

Now we all think this is going to be a tough choice for Canucks fans, but really most of us have decided long ago which Swedish player is our favourite. We had to: it was a question we faced nearly every day for a decade now.


The decision is never as easy as you (or the media equivalent) think. Vancouver's had quite the number of successful Swedes run through town, and there may be a certain amount of vote-splitting goin' on, as for this decision I've gone to four picks instead of the traditional three. Truth be told, like with Canada, I could have had a half dozen choices, but then what would you guys complain talk about in the comments?

Without further ado, here are the choices:

Daniel Sedin

Scoring machine, and money to boot: 63 game winning goals are among his 291, a team record, and ten of them were in overtime to boot, also a team record. One of five players to top 100 points in a Canucks uniform, he's second in career scoring and second in power play goals and still going strong, finishing second in scoring and goals last season - but first in game winners. Oh, yeah: he also won the Art Ross for highest scorer in the NHL in 2010-2011.

Henrik Sedin

Six minutes older than his brother with a 34-point lead for the franchise all-time scoring record. If Henrik had zero goals he'd still be fifth, so the 182 he's scored including a team third best 33 game winners? Pure gravy. His 112 points in 2009-2010 were the highest single season result in Canuck team history, winning the Art Ross and topping Daniel's winning season by 8 points. Going into his third season as captain, so there's that, too.

Markus Naslund

You like numbers? Here's 55 more goals than Daniel Sedin in 22 fewer games; here's team captain for seven years; here's topping the 40 goal mark three times, and thirty goals another three; here's 12 game winning goals in 2003-2003, a team record. How do you like those numbers? All done through relatively good times (West Coast Express! Woo!) and bad ones (Playoff Failures and Neck Breaking! Shit!).

(Full disclosure here - I wasn't a fan of Naslund being chosen captain because I think he got the job by being the best player on the ice, a decision I'm always wary of. But he handled it well and grew into the role, and I think he earned the job for the last few years of his tenure.)

And because we're talking Swedish players on the Canucks, here's one more!

Mattais Ohlund

Possibly the best defenseman to ever play for Vancouver (though Finland may argue) he's played the second most games, has the most goals, the most points, and the second most playoff points in team history. He finished his Vancouver career second highest in game winning goals, third in power play goals, and third in short handers all time; all the while getting the toughest matches and fighting the biggest scorers in the league. Sometimes literally: his battles with the Flames' Jerome Iginla were marvelous to watch.

So that's them! Among the folks we missed were Tomas Gradin, a scoring star who emerged when Vancouver needed one and ended with 550 points in 630 games; Alexander Edler, our current do-it-all top pair guy; and Patrik Sundstrom, who not only brought 342 points in 372 games, but also got us Greg Adams and Kirk McLean in a nice little trade with New Jersey.

(For those of you who missed the meme, here's a parody of it: )

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