Tonight's For The Kids - Canucks vs Oilers Gamethread

The boys celebrate your donations tonight. - Anne-Marie Sorvini-USA TODAY Spo

As the Canucks host the Oilers tonight, the Canucks host the annual Canucks For Kids Fund Telethon. Be sure to donate either online or by calling 1-855-437-3863.

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We last saw these young guns on Saturday, when they whipped us 4-0 by scoring 4 goals in the first 6 minutes of the game. Since then, they have had 2 Battle Of Alberta games, where they whipped the Flames by scoring at a 4:1 ratio. That's no joke: a 4-1 win on Monday followed by last night's 8-2 game. Taylor Hall has been particularily on fire this past week, getting 10 points in 3 games (that's including his hattie against us on Saturday night). The scary part: last night's win put Edmonton into 8th in the conference. Yikes. The Canucks have Zack Kassian returning from Chicago, and the addition of Derek Roy, and hope this helps shut down Edmonton's chance at 6 wins in a row.

For tonight's gamethread, we are doing something extra special. As many of you know, our blog likes to do some fundraising for special causes once or twice a year. Usually, it involves Sean donating a lump sum for each 1000 comments on that night's gamethread. Tonight, the Canucks are having their annual Canucks For Kids Telethon during the game. So, for every single comment on tonight's gamethread, Sean is donating 3 cents to the Canucks For Kids Fund Telethon. This works out to $15 for 500 comments, $30 for 1000 comments, and so forth.

Of course, the last time we did fundraising like this, I forgot to mention how you can donate your own money to the cause. For today, the Canucks wives, legends and friends will be manning the phone lines, taking donations from callers. To make a donation, you can call toll-free at 1-855-437-3863 (aka 1-85-KIDSFUND), or fill out the online form. We have already had one person declare that they will be matching Sean's 3 cents per comment tonight, and others are more than welcome to chip in as well. Remember, it's all for the kids.

Coconuts (and comments) go!

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