Afternoon Buzz: What do you mean there's no game today?

Jonathan Daniel

Imagine waking up and thinking today is Saturday, then realizing it's not and then also coming to realize that there is no hockey game today. Well fuck. That was me. Oh well, at least I made some delicious home made hummus last night.

Morning, everyone. On my second to last day of employment I thought: "What can I do today that would really leave my mark on this building". You, you really don't want to know what I came up with. Anyways, there's some Canucks stuff, some other NHL stuff and I'll probably reference my home made hummus at least two more times. Lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> Jim "I am the liquor" Jamieson says that Thursday's game against the Anaheim Ducks could be one last look at Roberto Luongo this season.

>> Ed Willies can eat an ENTIRE jar of sauerkraut in one go and it's fucking disgusting. He also says that the NHL needs to get back to the rules of hockey.

>> Ben Kuzma who I've pretty much run out of hilarious nickname's for talks about the fourth line becoming a factor and Dale Weise knows it. Dale Weise knows a lot of things, he knows that dogs don't come from eggs.

>> A few hits from Thomas Drance of Canucks Army. First, former Canuck Markus Naslund has hired former Canucks assistant coach Barry Smith as an assistant for Modo. Second, the Canucks won't be moving their AHL affiliate to Abbotsford next season and they;re looking for other options. Also, Mike Gillis would "absolutely burn a year off of Frank Corrado's ELC if he's going to help win hockey games." Neat.

>> Ever wondered which Canucks could be Ninja Turtles? No? Well me either. But the fella's at Pass it to Bulis have. Also from Daniel Wagner a shift-by-shift break down of Frank Corrado's first game. And because I've been away all day, a little update on how Cory Schneider is day-to-day after hurting his undisclosed.

That's all for Canucks news. Lets have a look at what those other assholes are up to.

The Other Guys:

>> Speaking of assholes, why not start out with Dustin Brown? The Los Angeles Kings captain has been suspended for two games for being a total fucking asshole for an elbow to the head of Minnesota Wild forward Jason Pomminville

>> Some much needed good news for the Detroit Red Wings, Todd Bertuzzi looks like he could be playing on Thursday. This would be Bertuzzi's first game since February 7th.

>> Duncan Keith might still be a piece of shit, but at least he explained that he doesn't hate women reporters and he didn't mean to be a total fucking douche.

>> Edmonton Oilers fans rejoice! You can STILL get that number 1 pick this year. Oh, yeah and Burt and Ernie Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle have committed to team Canada for the World Championships.

>> The Ottawa Senators could welcome back their Norris winning defenseman tomorrow as Erik Karlsson is going to play...if he tells the coach he's ready. Hint: He is.

That's all from me today, folks. Hope your day has been A LOT more enjoyable than mine. Enjoy the sun and all that other shit too, alright? Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah, follow me on Twitter! @mitchemdee

- Mitch

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